Speaker cables from Asia

I see alot of offerings on speaker cables and IC's on Ebay from Asia Etc.Has anyone tried these if so how did you make out. I also have a concern that these might be like a Rolex on the streets in N.Y. look genuine but not so.
Can anyone shed a little light

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Never buy from Asia or you will be a squashed pumpkinman!!
I would recommend Valab's offerings if you ask me. Best pricing I've seen for anything comparable here at at fraction of the cost.
Avoid those sellers from Hong Kong/China, else you should be fine.
Well the last thing I need is to be is squashed. One seller list Audioquest Gibraltar cables 2.5 meters with
terminations at $59.00 plus shipping. I thought they
might bogus,no way of knowing if they are the genuine article. I will steer clear of such items
Thank You
I saw a pair of what looked like Kimber 12tc from a seller in China.They looked like Kimbers but did not have any markings. The ad said 12tc but not Kimber so I guess "buyer beware" would fit here.I always think about the old adage "If it sounds too good to be true,it probably is".
If its coming from China, assume its a knock-off.
Where are the original cables from? Not trying to be a smart ass here, but if they are actually made in China, then the knock-off and the genuine item might be from the same factory.
I don't know about the others, but Kimber cables (8TC, 12TC etc) are made in USA.
I m puzzle with the response to this thread from some posters. Is it right to assume so long a product is from China or chinese in origin its a fraud? Do these posters ever dealt with any chinaman from asia before they post remarks like if its from china assume its a knockoff ?
I suppose when we purchase anything on line we have nothing but common sense to guide us to hopefully make a right decision. Off course I will never buy anything that is way below market price.
The world is not better off economically because of some non-asian who created beautiful non tangible and fraudulent products and fed it to the world.
There ur fraud are every where regardless of race, religion, country of origin or sex. Type casting asian is certainly not right.
By the way I m a chinaman from asia, who purchased online stuff from HK, Singapore, Indonesia and mainly USA and UK
Not sure if you're talking about me.... Anyway, me too have bought stuff online from other Asian countries like Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand without any issue. But Hong Kong... I'll just steer clear of it.

Tpreaves mentioned about suspicious Kimber 12TC... If you check eBay # 320416615598, you'll notice the printing on the sleeves are different from the original. The same applies to ebay # 220466314087 and # 220466314057 where the banana plugs (which they like to copy as well) look different too, and the printing on the sleeves looks dirt cheap. They've even included a picture with an original packing box.

Check out the link below too view what Ray Kimber has to say:


Do a search on Oyaide, Audioquest and Kamber (yes, I think they purposely spell it wrongly) products and it's not difficult to observe that almost all the suspicious items come from Hong Kong.
Ttorigin, its not about you. Its about people in general who like to type cast certain race or pple from other regions which they are not familiar. Sure they are many fraudsters from the asia region. Likewise from europe, usa or any part of the whole.
I have bought stuff from UK and the con man was really smart to sent me tracking nos and actually sent me a package but a porno CD instead of beatles box set. Luckily I was able to make a credit card chargeback and got back all my money
In another incident, I bought a watch from Germany and when I realised the poor quality of the watch box , I demanded a refund and after much hassle I managed to get full refund
My experience tells me that I shouldnt buy anything if its too cheap and the shipping charge is unbelievably low and the seller seems to agree with all your request and this is regardless of their race and where they come from. Cheats are cheats, does matter where they are from

The moral of the story , buy from somebody who has healthy feedback, sell things cheap but not ridiculously cheap. Best of all buy from dealers and certain individual who is actively posting in audiogon. Avoid audioxsell. i had a bad experience recently and when I inform the moderator of the website about the fraud and I did it twice, the moderator didnt even bother to respons
I would like to know what manufacturers (lets say Kimber, Audioquest, etc) are doing about these fraudulent products. Surely they are in the best position to stop these products (I bought fraudulent Audioquest cable - the moderator did nothing after reporting the matter?)
Thank you again for all the responses. A close fried and I where going back & forth on the subject today. We both also wondered whether cables like Audioquest and Van den Hul where manufactured in China to begin with. As Millicurie 999 stated. But even so I guess they would be considered grey market goods. Then again I go back to part of my original question has anyone tried any of these speaker cables or IC's
I once did consider getting a pair of Van den Hul Magnum hybrid speaker cable from Ebay since the price was quite cheap. After pondering for some time I ditched the idea as I didn't want to end up disappointed. Most audio stores in Ebay selling cheap stuff are from Hong Kong. As for your question how will these cables sound like compared to the original, I reckon one would take them as authentic cables unless they are compared to the original. Then again, I presume it would be difficult to differentiate original and fakes apart in double-blind test unless you cut the cables open and inspect all the details.
I think most of the 12TC stuff on ebay (sold by the meter) don't claim to be genuine Kimber Kable but rather denotes no brand or generic. What i was wondering though is the basic physics of the cable - if the manufactures in China and elsewhere use oxygen free copper and braid it the same way as Kimber then the end results, re sound quality, should be the same? Have anyone purchased these cables and tested them? if yes, please share your impressions.

The issue of stealing Kimber's patent or intellectual property is another issue and i am not sure if it applies in this case? 
I love my Kharma powercord that I bought from China for $137.   I have no doubt it is genuine.  
Well, either genuine or a really good fake. Have you ever taken a gander at some of the Fake Chinese Casio G Shocks, like the Limited Edition Bathing Ape? Whoa! 
I would say any American or European or Japanese 'Brand Name' cable, Like AQ or Cardas or Kimber sold by an eBay from China is 99% likely to be fake.
Cardas and Kimber are made in USA. AudioQuest is made in China. so some may be simply stolen factory/factory defects.
Even USA purchase of used stuff like Kimber Hero or Cardas Golden Cross may be fakes.
It is harder to fake the special covers and connectors of some cables.

Fake cables are a big problem in the used market.
Many cables new, come with a special box, or a serial number on a card. These MUST be with the cable if one even thinks of buying an expensive used cable. One can send a cable to the company to verify it is real. But if it is a fake, the company will keep it..

Cables may have ultra pure wire, or unique insulation, Stuff the fakes do not have.
I no longer buy used wires at all. Just not worth the risk.