Speaker cables for Zu Omens??

Aside from the obvious (Zu cables), has anyone stumbled on a great cable match for the Omens?? Any other set up tips or tweaks??
I like Zebra Cables speaker cables for an inexpensive choice. They work well with my Zu Essence-- although not quite as good as my Libtech's overall they are actually better with some recordings.

As Always, Your Mileage May Vary.

Zu cables are the "obvious" choice, so why consider anything else?
Well because, I knew the first answer was going to be Zu, so
while I'm sure they are a great match, and probably the way
I am going to go, I was hoping some cable fanatics would be
putting other speaker cables through their paces with Zu's
and may have found another great synergy.
Many speaker cables cost more than the Omens. What is your budget? What are you looking to change? What are your current cables?
My current cables are Silver Sonic T-4's. Budget will
be around $400 give or take.
Not real sure I want to change anything, but can't help
wonder what a higher quality cable might bring to the table?

I'm trying in my minds eye/ears :o) to think of past cables that
may add to the quality of the Zu's. Cables that come to mind are AZ Satori & Holograms, Anti cables, Don't think Nordost
would be a good match?? but who knows?

But of coarse all cables I had in the past were with totally different systems so it's hard to tell.

My best bet is probably just order some Zu cables as who
would know better I guess as to what works best with their
speakers right!?
Zu Mission Cable is the perfect match. The Omens are wired internally with the same wire in the Mission Cables, so then you have the same wire from amp connection to the cabinet, and through the cabinet to the driver. Anything else results in two different types of wire in series with each other, unless you change internal wiring as well. Myself and three other hi-fi buddies own Zu speakers, and all use their cables. One of them just had to do the cable rolling, some even more expensive, and finally settled on the Mission cables with his Omens. He said they just sounded "right". I had the same experience years ago using JM Reynaud speakers, doing the "cable shuffle", and finally acquired some JM Reynaud cables. They never left the system, and everything else was sold.
Oh and btw...I forgot to mention that the main reason I
need new cables is my only pair of cables I have now are
biwire cables and I don't like having two ends dangling in the air.
Hey TLs49,

Yea, that's what I thought was the right move ultimately so that's what I'll do!

Thanks a bunch!

Glad to help, and hope you enjoy the Zu speakers as much as my friends and I do.
Just a thought, you don't need to have the bi-wire ends dangling in the air if they are spades. Just connect one set from the bottom and one end from the top to form a "ring".

As an aside, depending on your listening preferences, you may want to tune the response of the speakers as even different ZU cables will result in a slightly different presentation.

If it were me, I would try 3-4 cables within your budget range, keep the one that sounds the best, and return the others.


I have bananas or I would stack them.. I'll see
what I can gather up, but think I will order some Mission

Thanks again!
Want to save a ton of money and hear great clear warm sound that will surpass most speaker wire? Try magnet wire. Currently you can get a 50 foot role of 12 guage 200C enameled coated OFC high quality copper magnet wire (also known as Speltz anti-cable) on ebay for around $20. All you need to do is scrape the last 3/8" or so of enamel off the wire. I used a dremel tool. If you love them like I do, you can attach spades or banana plugs (gold over copper sounds much better than brass by the way - take five audio in Canada has some nice vampire gold over copper terminations as does vh audio and some chinese ebayers)