speaker cables for Wilson Sophia

Other than transparent and MIT cables for Wilson Speakers, what other cables are you guys using w/ your Wilsons ?
Is it also determined by the amplifier being used ?

Thanks for the inputs.
I use Harmonic Tech Pro 9 Reference SE and I think
its a very synergistic match , I found the earlier
pro 9 ref ( non se ) to have slightly less
well defined bass . I have not tried anything
really expensive as no point listening to what
I can't afford .....
I tried the new Stealth Dream and it was a very good match with my Wilsons, but also a bitlaid back and rounded in the bass. Damm i think you cant get everything!!!
The Schnerzinger cables from Dortmund(Germany)are unbelievable!
I live nearby Dortmund and was looking all over the world for my ultimate solution, not knowing that such fantastic cables are right by my side.
Life is sometimes strange!
When i first heard of Schnerzinger from an enthusiastic article in the Analogue Audio Association Switzerland magazin, i did not pay much attention on Schnerzinger.
But after reading both reviews in Audiogon of the Schnerzinger X-3000 and X-5000 i gave them a try, especially as i noticed that they are only 50 kilometers away.

After listening i have to say: These cables should be named M O R E!
More information, more atmosphere, more realism, more dynamic, more natural, more body, more precise, more deep+ tight, more space...and even the weakest part of my speaker, the tweeter at once learned to fly... Now I got everything i wanted!
I strongly recommend serious musiclovers to pay attention to these cables.
From Nelson Pass' article on speaker cable;

Ordinarily a discussion of loudspeaker cables would stop here, at 100kHz, where we could safely say that the performance is becoming negligible, if for no other reason than that we cannot hear this frequency (a concept disputed by some audiophiles). However, the advent of wide bandwidth power amplifiers has demonstrated other new effects; several amplifier designs (stable with reactive loads such as capacitors) oscillate into low inductance cables with a variety of results. Threshold Stax, and Electro- Research designs behave violently, while others acquire oscillation-caused colorations, usually either a hard, etched, high end or warmth and thickness in the vocal range (due to low order intermodulation sidebands and harmonics).
best i heard of following (transparent ref mm, isoclean, ks emotion, jorma prime, audioquest redwood), is the aq.

best i heard w older wilsons (as a fmrm wp6 owner) was ks emotion. wonderful synergy. oddly upgrading cables to the aq caused me to sell the speakers...so much for upgrades.

w/ my rockports, which i like infinitely more, i like the aq. but now i've not heard those former cables again (though KS would not be ideal w what i have)....its always about synergy