speaker cables for Wilson Sophia

Other than transparent and MIT cables for Wilson Speakers, what other cables are you guys using w/ your Wilsons ?
Is it also determined by the amplifier being used ?

Thanks for the inputs.
thanks for help, but in my setup the mit oracle was not my favourite choice and with the others i didn t have technical problem althought i drove the amps very very hard.
my problem is that i wasn not fully satisfied with the already mentioned cable in all areas.
so i m looking for altrnative solutions.

thanks for help, peter
Sashafan - you might be trying to fix with cables a problem that resides in your gear elsewhere. I couldn't think of anything worse than listening to Wilsons at a high sound level. The Sasha's have a suckout in the lower midrange, cone breakup at 4k and big peak in the upper midrange/treble. Check out the Stereophile review - they are extremely difficult to set up due to these on/off axis frequency aberrations and impedance dips that the amplifiers see.
i tried the audience and the golden reference and found both very good but not outstanding to the others. tommorrow i m testing a new stealth cable.
has anybody heard a zellaton speaker?

thanks for help!
If you can find, try the old Shunyata Orion.
They match perfect with Wilson speakers.
Hope this help you.
I use Harmonic Tech Pro 9 Reference SE and I think
its a very synergistic match , I found the earlier
pro 9 ref ( non se ) to have slightly less
well defined bass . I have not tried anything
really expensive as no point listening to what
I can't afford .....