Speaker cables for Vienna Mozart speakers

Looking for recommendations for a speaker cable for my Vienna Mozart speakers? Budget is under $500
Currently running AQ type 4
What kind of music and rest of system ?
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I am in the process of putting this system together. I will be driving the Mozart’s with an integrated like a Rotel, musical fidelity, creek, arcam. I mostly listen to jazz, blues, and classic rock.
What ever you can get from Analysis Plus for that kind of money
will serve you  well no matter what kind of music and what kind ofsystem you end up with .
The safest thing you can buy used in audio is a speaker cable. If you can find a used AP Oval 9 on here that meets you budget and length , jump on it , likely the cheapest really good SC .I'd go so far as to say its foolish to buy a new SC .
AudioArt out of San Diego sells here for decent money , his SC's are really good on harmonics and are great with jazz .
There is synergy in having all your wire from one company .ZU stuff they sell on ebay is both  very well-made and very neutral .You often can buy 4-5 new IC's and a SC for less than $500 at their ebay site . Very reliable and honest firm to boot .
Check out Cullen Cable. I'm using the Crossover Series speaker cable and they are excellent.

Over the years I've used extensively Cardas Golden Reference, Analysis Plus Oval 9 and WireWorld Oasis, all very good cables. Of those I preferred the Cardas GR with the AP Oval 9 a close second. 

I am am just as satisfied with the Cullen Crossover for a fraction a the cost. Good luck with your search.




I just pulled the trigger on a beautiful Plinius 8100 integrated amp.
any other speaker cable rec’s With this combo?
Did the bullet go all the way through ?


Straight Wire is a sonic match. Happy Listening!