Speaker Cables for VANDERSTEEN 5 speakers

Please recommended speaker cables for Vandersteen 5 speakers.
The system is Mark Levinson No.383 amplifier, CD player Wadia 861.
I have had the HiDiamond XLR 2 interconnects in my system for 2 days. They are simply stunning. I have never heard any other interconnects that do what the HiDiamonds do to bring the emotion and aliveness into my system -- or any other system I have ever auditioned over the years. Words cannot do justice to these interconnects -- right out of the box without break-in.

Please note I am not in the audio business and have no association with any audio company -- other than being a customer.
Why bother mentioning any brands by their brand name when certain people just jump down your throat but I will say I am a big fan of JPS and have been for years .

He isn't telling. An audio secret!

I want to know what the HD cable beat out as the # 1 cable two years ago.

What preamplifier and amplifier are you running?

What is your source?

Please confirm your speakers.

This will help many of us understand the voicing of your components.

Thank you.
Hi Bradluke0, Divide that number by 6 because we are a group. The cables need 200 hours plus to be broke in properly but truthfully lots of the cables were purchased used. Our goal was to get past the snake oil and see if there was an advantage to spending serious money on a serious cable. For us we found the most important single thing a great cable could do was convey emotion but we also found that of the 400 plus cables we tested less than 10 cables had the ability to put us in the recording studio with the artist. With most cables we just felt you were moving sideways by sacrificing one thing for another. A truly great cable will take you to whole different level but this will never be accomplished by changing just 1 cable; you need to re-cable the whole system. Again this is just our opinion and I would be interested in hearing your experiences with cables.
We tested 400 cables and found 1 winner but for you it could be a complete different cable. Our testing is base on a scoring system and once you get into very expensive, well manufactured cables than the only thing that separates them is emotion; all 6 of us use HiDiamond cables because they portray the emotion of the artist better than other cables in our testing but it is still just an opinion. You might perfer Nordost or JPS or some other manufacturer and I will always respect your opinion.
400 cables and all are the same wire with copper/gold/silver and space dust. The model of each company all sound different.

400 cables and one winner? GMAB. I really would like to hear this super,beat out 400 wires, cable. Please send me your digital cable X. Need Spdif 1.5M.

Xyz does have the Def4 so I will not write him off completely.
Hi all ! WOW !! let's see 400 cables at , I dont know , maybe 100 hrs per set for break in....plus " testing " time . Crap , just the break in time is 40,00 hours . 1667 days just to break in the cables ? (is it just me?)
Where can one demo these Diamond cables?
There are no questions that the equipment will affect the sound and I have no problems respecting other people opinions. It is also important to not get sucked into the huge marketing plans from some of the larger cable companies. If you are happy with your system, truthfully that is all that really matters. My system evolved over 30 years with 5 other guys and at this point in time I have my most emotionally involving system I have ever owned; this is also one of the least expensive systems I have owned. The HiDiamond cables pushed my system over the top in regards to being emotional; it’s not something I can put a price on.
Musicxyz...you have tested 400 cables and found these HiDiamonds, the best?? Sounds like you were very busy. In my experience ALL cables sound different on different systems. Although you might have preferred your Italian wires with your components only says that YOU like these wires with YOUR components. Anti-Cables sound best on MY system after having Cardas, Nordost, Purist, and Audioquest Sky/Everest. The Audioquest pairing sounds extremely good, but the Anti-Cable pairing sounds VERY similar...so much so that my wife and some friends could not decide which is better. I therefore stand by the Anti-Cable pairing with Vandersteen 5's (mine are 5A's which are very similar). The choice is yours. If you live near Scottsdale, Arizona, you can listen to my system and hear if it meets your liking.
HiDiamond are probably better than AntiCables cables. But they cost about 30 times more. HiDiamond cost $ 2000 and $ 60 AntiCables Vandersteen recommends to put two pairs of the same cable. Have you tried to do it. Vandersteen says that they play better when they are connected to two cables cheaper than an expensive one. Have you tried it? What is the rest of your system, amplifier, CD player, power cables, interconnect.
thank you
I had a hard time pulling good upper mids and highs from my 5's over the couple years I owned them.

I wouldn't spend too much on cables because of the weird terminations. I had a friend with Nordost Tyr's that fit but they still didn't do it.

I think this is where the 5A or above might step in. Newer technology and components that present more realism.
I have tried Anti-Cables and truthfully you really are missing out on what the 5's are capable of until you try HiDiamond.
I have Vandersteen 5A's and use Anti-Cables with great results. Look at Audioasylum's cables for sale, or write to me [email protected]
I prefer only one set of D7 with HiDiamond jumpers. They make a high end jumper.

Thanks Musicxyz.
Do you use your Vandersteen 5 with two pairs HiDiamond 7 or just one?
I personally run an Italian cable called HiDiamond and have for 2 years with my 5’s. I have tested over 400 different brands and HiDiamond is the best I have heard. I like their D7 and up cables and I believe you may be able to purchase directly from them if they still do not have representation in NA. Read on their technology because it truly is a very different cable. They bring a huge amount of emotion into my system and make you feel closer to the artist. I have owned cables costing 5 times more that are not even close in sound.