Speaker cables For Vandersteen 2CE sigs

What speaker cables are you using with these speakers and how do they sound? I am looking for suggestions that bring the highs a bit more forward while staying warm and detailed..
Tara Labs RSC Prime Biwire is what I am using for the 2Ces. The amp is a Rogue Audio Cronus integrated amp and I hear all the highs with warmth and detail, just right.
Actually those are the exact cables that I am using. They were recommended by the dealer who sold the speakers to me...
I'm using Singlewire Stage with an internal "biwire" configuration. Sounds great to me.

audioquest type 8 true biwire configuation!
Long ago when I owned Vandersteens, I used Goertz MI-2 in a bi-wire configuration - best I ran across at the time.
I've used PNF Audio Symphony on Vandy 2C's in the past with excellent results.
I used MIT S3 biwire, Goertz MI2's and Audioquest type 8 and the Dynamic Design Lotus blew them all away with the Goertz coming in second place. This was evaluated on my 2 Ce Sig II's.
Kimber 8TC (with two sets for bi-wiring) works well with Vandy 2Cs. These are well regarded cables so they will well with not only the Vandys but likely with many other speakers should you ever change speakers. 8TC was made with black and blue strands for a long time and it was a great cable; the newer white and gold? cable might be even a tad better but both are very good sounding and good values.