Speaker Cables for VA Mahlers with Linn electronic

I'm rearranging my listening room and changing from a 25 ft run of Ocos speaker wire to a 6 ft run of something else. I'm running Linn Akurate CD, Linn Axis TT, Linn Exotic preamp, and Linn 2250 amp into Vienna Acoustics Mahlers. I love the sound and have no complaints -- very musical, lots of detail, great soundstage. But I'm assuming that going to a shorter run of speaker wire will improve things.

I'm using Stereovox 600 interconnects, which nicely improved things all around when I got them. I'd love to try their speaker wire, but their reference line is out of my price range. Any thoughts about Stereovox Firebird speaker wire? I'm looking for suggestions for speaker wires that might work well in my system. Whatcha think?
I have VA Mahlers started out with AZ Satori sonded great but sold them and bought Siltech New york mxt, much better, it was a gamble but it paid off, soundstaging was better, top end bottom end better ,very musical cables I found
I owned Mahlers for about five years. Sumiko, the U.S. distributor, evidently ran Kimber Monacle at some shows (I think it was Sumiko that told me this, but I can't recall). I ran Kimber Select 3033 (copper) and 3038 (silver), but mostly 3033.

That said, many argue that the more important match for speaker cables is in fact with the amp, due to capacitance issues (I have one acquaintance who calls speaker cables "amp cables"). You should call Linn and ask them for suggestions.
What Raquel wrote is interesting.

I've used SR Sig 10 active x2 biwires, 21ft long for sometime now. Used with several amps, and several speakers thru that time period. All with very good results.

I too am considering for some future event, shorter cables in the rearrangment of my stereo. i think then too, I'd be inclined to enlist something akin to cables I'm using upstream. At least in the same house, if not the same model.

Going that way seems to indicate you'll have a better feel for the outcome if no preview is allowed or sought prior to purchase of them. Depending on which presentation of the sound I'd be willing to spring for, in my case it'd be either Nirvana SX latd's... or HT Magic II sorts feeding my speakers.... as nothing now in the current SR line equates to the Sig 10 identically... I find the Sig 10 very very neutral.

The SX LTD. has a more refined and smoother presentation than does the Magic II ICs. albeit each conveys lots of detials and ambient cues. the Magic IIs are a bit more vibrantly colorful while remaining refined and an easy listen. So one is easing off the sheerest edge of each leading notes edge, while the magic IIs dont seem quite so predisposed. The Magic IIs also would come in less costly.

I feel it's more the involved process to seek out some mixture of unlike, yet friendly cables for one's system, than it is to go 'whole house'. The one road beckons extreme performance while implying as much intrigue in the doing of the assembly. The second path says, simpler and safer with perhaps as good results... perhaps.

I'd suggest if you're inclined to drop a pretty penny here, to rent some thru the cable co. first. This ought to gain you way more appropriate solutions.

VEry good luck.
Thanks for the helpful and thoughtful responses. Do you know if Cable Co. allows you to put the money you invest in the trial (or shipping for the trial??) to stuff from their Used Cable line?

When I got my Ocos, I was told that there was something about their design that made them better than most for long runs. I've been quite happy with them but haven't experimented with speaker cables because I have the Ocos running beneath my floor and the hassle involved in switching that out.

Any other thoughts on Raquel's point a about the match between amp and speaker wire being more important than the match with the speaker?

Has anyone had experience with different cables for a Linn electronic, Vienna Mahler's setup?
I just want to clarify what I was saying. The amp / speaker cable interface is indeed important (as I wrote, the most important factor in the view of some), as is the speaker cable / speaker interface. The key, however, and that is why I mentioned the amp, is that all three pieces work together and must be considered. The amp is facing impedances determined by speaker cables, crossovers, sometimes the system resonance, and other factors - it's a complex soup. In short, talk to Sumiko (Vienna Acoustics) and to Linn, and then for good measure, to the speaker cable manufacturer (smart cable manufacturers will warn you of a pending mismatch).
I'm a neophyte, but own VA Beethovens with a flagship Yamaha from 10 years ago. My future son-in-law did some research on wires for VAs when we were looking to upgrade to 5.1 recently. He said MIT wires were highly recommended in several reviews and in forums for VA speakers. He said the Yamaha A/v brain and the VA speakers are very fast electronically, and that MIT cables were ideal matches and were recommended by Sumiko/ Vienna for their speakers.