speaker cables for Usher BE10

any speaker cable recommendations for Usher BE10 currently running with Classe amplification. I currently use Jena Siamese which are very detailed but a bit lean with Ushers
Hi HifiNut - I would try some JPS Labs cables ( Superconductor 3, +, or Q) with these speakers. There IS a reason that Usher shows with JPS Labs cables at all of the audio shows - it is a great match!
Keep the Jena Siamese.

Sell the speakers.
Pay no attention to "AudioFAIL", just a typical zero class remark he is so well known for. You have great speakers, you might try the cable company as they have a demo policy and have quite a few to try out. Cardas are also slightly warm if that is what you're looking for. Good luck and remember-pay no attention to the loser behind the curtain...
Wow, I get called out by a bush league manufacturer of third rate cables. Ouch.

BTW, name calling is an affliction of the intellectually impaired. You know, constipation of the brain.

Here’s to a speedy recovery Homer.

Putting aside the name calling for a moment...

As a customer of Johngp, and as a KCI Silkworms owner, my experience has been that John's products are on par with many of the high end interconnects made by the big name cable companies, and John's service and support is second to none.

As a customer of Audiofeil's, I have found Bill's service to be excellent.

Now back to the mudslinging...
Try Straightwire cables their level 4 lines. Cardas are excellent cables but may be too laidback for Classe. Analysis plus are good too.