Speaker cables for Usher 6381's?? Other tweaks??

Anybody out there play with speaker cables on these??
Right now I am using the Rapport (Usher house brand)
on them and am wondering if I can do better, but want
to see if I can get some ideas of a good match maybe
some of you have come across.

The rest of my (system of today)consists of

Consonance Ref 150 Linear Integrated Hybred
Naim Cd5i cdp
Usher 6381's
Audiovox ic's
Rapport speaker cables

I have a pair of single wire Analysis Plus Oval 9's
and have to get some jumpers to use them.

What I am looking for is a tad more upper end
extention & air. I love every thing else about them
at the moment, and the top end is not bad as is..but!?!?

BTW...The amp may not be fully broken in yet either but
I'm working on it.

Thanks for any suggestion as alway's.
If your amp isn't broken in yet, I'd wait until I was sure that was settled in before deciding what direction to tweak the sound with new cables. That said, I changed from Oval 9's to Sonoran Plateau Desert speaker cables and got exactly what you describe you seek. I hope you enjoy your Ushers, they're a really nice speaker. They were among my final choices when I upgraded speakers.
Thanks for the reply Photon! I am running the Consonance
non stop. My local Usher dealer is running Belles
with his which I heard yesterday, and they sounded
fantastic! Good synergy there, which has me tempted!
The Consonance is really smooth, and I love the way
it sounds overall, so I will look into the cables you recommended.
BTW...what amp are you using?

Hi Photon,

I should have said, what amp "were" you listening to
when you considered the Ushers?
Try the JPS line I am using the JPS Super Blue and they sound very good with these speakers, buy the bulk cable and terminate yourself. I have also tried Analysis Plus Oval 9's and they are very good also.
i like the straley reality cables on mine. also the audio art sc-5 speaker cables are nice.
Bob, As I recall, the Ushers were driven by a Cary V-12 power amp, Cary SL98 preamp, and cables were Soundstring. I'm using a PS Audio HCA-2 that's had all the Reference Audio Mods done to it except for the Eichmann Cable Pods.
Thanks for all the input! I discovered just a couple
of hours ago by switching speaker cables to Analysis
Plus Oval 9's and using various jumpers, the best sound that
really opened up the top beautifully, was using a
set of home brew Nordost Flatline Gold Jumpers! What do
you think?? A pair of Nordost Biwire cables maybe??
Which ones?? Blue Heavens...Red Dawn?? I want to retain
the excellent bass that the amp & speakers have together
with the excellent mids, but gain the laaaaaast bit of
sparkley air on top.

I am thinking maybe the speed of the Nordost cables is
what I need with the sweet tube (ish) sound of the
Consonance amp??

Thanks again in advance for your suggestions.