Speaker Cables for Thiel 2.4

I am looking for some advice from my fellow A-goners. I am currently in the market for a pair of high quality speaker cables for my Thiel 2.4 speakers. Associated equipment is as follows:

Levinson 27.5
Levinson 38S
Levinson 36S
Levinson 37
Kimber Selects 2120 (digital), 1111 (analog) and 1120 (analog) interconnects
Synergistic Research and Transparent power cords

Every system is different but when I owned Thiel CS 2.3's the best speaker cable that worked for me was the Cardas Cross. I had great luck using Harmonic Tech Truthlinks IC's as well.
I went through a variety of amps like Plinius, Krell, Parasound Aragon as well as pre-amps but the constant was that the 2.3's seem to favor the Cardas Cross speaker cables. I did try the Cardas Cross IC's as well but had better results with the HT Truthlinks.

Hope this helps.

My experience tells me that 'usually'systems sound better when 'all' cables and interconnects are the same brand.
I would stick with a Kimber Select.
In fact, I lived with an all Kimber Select system for quite some time, and liked it.
IF you elect to go with one brand for all and want to change, the Acoustic Zen is good with the THIEL Audio products.
In the more pricey category, Silversmith is very natural sounding 'to me', though a little pricey they offer excellent cables and interconnects.
Used their product with a mega buck system to great success in Vegas a few years ago--plus Jeff is really good to work with.
Alpha-core, Straightwire and Wireworld might work nicely.
Cardas is a perennial favorite with Thiel. I had good success with Audience AU24 on my 2.4's, but also with Speltz Anti-Cable and, at the opposite end of the price spectrum, Nordost Valhalla.
I've had great sounds over the years with Cardas Neutral reference speaker cables on my Thiel 2.3s. I also use Cardas Golden Reference ICs. I found the Cross to be a bit more rolled off, "tubey" if you will, than the Golden Reference ICs. The same for the speaker cables.
I own 2.4s and Alpha core or ridge St audio works better than Kimber 3033, audience 24 in my sys.
With my CS2.2's I preferred Au24 to Cross, and AZ Satori fell in between (all were cables I own/owned). But I've recently changed amps (to a DNA-500) and am currently auditioning some others in hopes of stepping up the SC again if possible...
I recently changed speaker cables between my Threshold S/500 II and Thiel 3.5's from Alpha-Core MI 2's to Alpha-Core MI 3's. Well let me tell you, from what started as a sort of let's see what happens, without any serious expectations, has turned into a wonderfully pleasing surprise. I really liked the MI 2's in my system, but, was bothered by a slight tilted up glare that showed up on poorly engineerd recordings most obvious with music featuring piano. I was contemplating component changes. The MI 3's spread the spectral balance downwards, filling in the upper bass/lower midrange, eliminating that glare, adding warmth and detail to the bass region (yeah, I know it sounds like a contradiction, yet it's true) and spreading the back of the soundstage. I am now finding myself lowering the volume control on my Threshold FET 10 HL a couple of notches and achieving greater bass control yet with similar apparent over all volume. All this wth the same extended sparkling treble, sans the glare. Simply amazing! I've never enjoyed my system more. The MI 3's were considerably more expensive than the MI 2's, but are still a remarkable value compared to what other manufacturers are demanding. FWIW, Thiel uses Alpha-Cores and Alpha-Core uses Thiels. I can't imagine why they wouldn't work with Levinson.
Harmonic Technology single crystal cables. I use them with my CS6s and they are by far better Audioquest and Tara.