Speaker cables for Thiel 2.3's and Bryston 4BST?

I have been using wireworld Oasis III - and looking to try another set. Suggestions in the modest budget range? Nordost Blue Heaven?
Harmonic Technologies Prosilway 9
Given the audio qualities of the Thiels and Bryston, I think that the Alpha-Core Goertz MI2 Veracity (copper) speaker cables, terminated with their silver spade lugs, will provide a good match. You can buy the cables direct from Alpha-Core on a money-back, 30-day trial. Here's the link to their Web page describing the speaker cable:
I agree with Sdcampbell, the Goertz is a great choice as it supplies more warmth and solidity to the bass and doesnt have that "overshoot" sound that some cables have...
I had great results with Cardas Neutral Reference. In comparison, the Hrmonic Pro 9 was bloomier, slower and not as open in the top end. The Cardas Golden Reference was also good. The Straight wire Maestro was great, but a littler soft on the bass...great midrange however. Jallen