Speaker cables for Talon Khorus X?

I've just ordered the Talon Khorus X and am not quite sure what cables to use. I have a Krell KAV 1500, 5 channel amp and Krell HTS 7.1 pre/pro. I do have Nordost cables, both Valhalla and Quattro Fil throughout my system. I'm sure the Valhalla's would be ideal but the cost is so high. Was hoping for a lessor expensive option. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I have used Vahalla on the X which of course work very well,I have used Audio MAgic Clarevoyant which also work wonderfully although they sound very different. I like the Synergistic Designer Reference alot. Still expensive but no where the costs of the Vahalla.

I have used Vahalla, DR, and DR .5 in stock all in 8 ft runs.

You will love the Khorus X an amazing speaker!
Why don't you call Talon & see what they recommend? (801-619-9000 and speak to Mike or Randy... they would give you the best advise...