speaker cables for surrounds

I am building a home theater for my new house. My current system includes:

Front L/R: B&W 800D
Center: B&W HTM1D
Surround side: B&W DS8S x 2
Surround back: B&W DS8S x 2

Any suggestions on speaker cables for my surround speakers? The surround side would be approx 10 meter runs, and the surround back would be approx 15 meter runs.
Often recommended here - Blue Jeans Cable. Custom length and terminations available.
Go with a pre/pro and seperate amps placed near the speakers. The other plus besides WAY better sound is, it is a lot easier to run interconects as they a slimmer and more flexiable.
I was stunned and amazed when I Went from long speaker cable to shorter ones with long interconnects.
I bought Audioquest Type 4 speaker cables in bulk a few years back. They do the job quite nicely for my surround speakers. You may want to try them or other models lower down the line.