Speaker Cables for Sopra 2 & PremaLuna Dialogue

I've had the Sopra 2 for almost a year and the Dialogue integrated for 2. The combo works pretty well IMHO and I'm really enjoying getting back into the hobby. My current speaker cable is bi-wired LAT Int'l SS-1000D which have served me well over the years. I'm looking to upgrade the speaker cables and have narrowed the search to Nordost Heimdall 2 and possibly Acoustic Zen Hologram II. I'm hoping to hear from those with direct experience with these cables - at least with the Sopra 2 if not both amp & speaker.

Thanks in advance and happy listening!!

We sold both of those cables personally you can do better. 

The Hemidall is all about clarity, speed and detail if you have any brightness in the system Nordost is not the cable for you.

The Acoustic Zen cables are wamer with good detail, they will sound closed in and lack the excitement of the Nordost.

We moved from Harmonic Tech to Acoustic Zen to Audience, to Audiquest, to Nodost and then to Wireworld.

The Wireworld cables are beautifully balanced with good top end extension and good bass they were as open as the Nordost but didn' have the Nordost sheen. 

A great product so far the most compatible cables we have sold

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
"Nordost Heimdall 2"

If you haven't already, consider reading the Nordost site, regarding their cable philosophy BEFORE splurging on the speaker cables.

I have PL & H2 throughout but, the power cable makes the  most sonic change. Whether you like it or not is subjective.
Per Nordost, after power, follow signal from source. Speaker cable is last.

YMMV, I don't hear Nordost as "bright as some may experience.

Sopra w/PL is a nice combo.
I use the Cerious Technologies Matrix speaker cables with my Sopra 2.

Thank you both very much for the valuable insight! Your collective advice has probably saved me a lot of $$ and with a better overall result.

@audiotroy I hadn't considered WireWorld in the sea of cable manufacturers but your experience and direct comparison help narrow the search considerably! The Equinox is probably better that my current cables but will probably wait and stretch to the Silver since I only want to do this once. 

@tablejockey I actually have read Nordost's site and agree with you. My original plan was to use the LATs for a second system and give me an excuse for a speaker cable upgrade in the main system. I'm taking your advice and going to purchase some cheap speaker cables for the second system and make some much needed power cord upgrades to the main. BTW - Both places I heard the Soproa 2 used Nordost cables and I found them to be highly resolving, but definitely not bright IMO. I could see some solid state amps shift the balance though. 

I'll make some updates as I upgrade, both power cords and speaker. 

Thank you again!

The Acoustic Zen cables are wamer with good detail, they will sound closed in and lack the excitement of the Nordost.

@audiotroy Troy, I recall you mentioned in the past you’ve had prior experience with Audioquest as well. Where does Audioquest fall in terms of sonics between Acoustic Zen and Nordost? I’m curious if anyone has similar results as me. I dumped Audioquest cables because I felt they dulled the sound. I replaced them with AZ and the AZs were smoother and created richer images (vocalists sounds really great with the Zens). The AZs are more "tube like" and the AQs are more "solid state" like IMO. What say you?