Speaker cables for Sonus Faber Extrema

Can I have the recommendations from members for suitable speaker cables for Extrema. Since bi-wire cables are required do not plan to go for those exotic cables.
Reality cables. Great value for the money and Gregg Straley is a fair and honest guy.
Great speakers. Are you using them with tubes or solid state?

Long ago - perhaps more than 10 years ago - I used them with XLO signature 5.1 and later Transparent Reference XL - Forsell CD combo, cj ART and Krell KSA300s. They could not play at low levels, but at medium/high volume they filled a room with music better than anything comparable. Do not miss listening to VTL007 'Louis' recording track 6 "La fiesta" on them if you have friendly neighbors !

A friend of mine had a great sound with Van den Hul revelation with an old Audio Research Classic150.
The Reality Cables get no respect because of their low price.

If they had a retail of $2000, Gregg would sell dozens more.

Give them a try.
I use Pass Labs XA100 and would check on VDH and Reality Cables. Does anybody have experimented with silver and copper cables.
I have the Reality cables as well
Mine are custom in that I'm using his regular wire to power the tweeters and a much lower guage for the woofers
all Reality and sounding damn good to these ears

Can't say enough good things about Gregg and his service
Agree that Reality may be a very good cable. But Extrema's were in existence since mid 90's there should be lot many other options also.
At a higher price point check out the Ridge Street Cables
Hi, I use for my Extreme, Purist Venustas WBT (BI-WIRING) and really work wonders with my Krell KSA-300S power, bony components baffles, and power cables should be treated like a unit, since according to how reconciles the end result will sound.
As I suggest most economical recommendation the Purist Aqueous 20 Anniversary, another cable with excellent cost-benefit ratio.
Greetings Adrian
How would transparent Ultra speaker cables be for Extrema?