Speaker cables for SF Cremona Ms

Just upgraded from SF Liutos to the SF Cremonas, looking for speaker cables without breaking the bank. Something dual purpose, as I use these for HT and 2 channel. Currently have Audioquest GBCs and not cutting it.
For my Cremona Auditor Ms I am using the Kimber Kable 12TC. Prior to that I was using Monster Cable so you know it was an improvement. 8' pr. of 12TC is around $600; 8TC around $400, both new. Used can be had for around $400/$250.
dc10audio high speed cable in pure cotton dialectic with Furutech spades or Kimber Kable 12-C or vintage 14AWG solid core in cotton wire. Stay clear of snake oil!

I went through multiple cables when I had the Cremonas. I settled on Grover Huffman.
I have Yter silver palladium cables that are used internally in those speakers. They are also the cables that are preferred by the inventor/manufacturer of the Cremonas. Look up my ad on Audiogon, 3 meter pair. These are spectacular cables that throw a huge soundstage. Read the reviews and if interested, please contact me.
Thanks for the suggestions, as much as I would love to get the Yter, just not in the budget.