Speaker cables for Roman Audio Centurians??

Has anybody found a good speaker cable match
for these by any chance?

Thanks for any input...cables or otherwise.
I use Kimber Select 3035's with my Centurions and AZ Satori's on my Roman Audio Senators. The Satori's sound good on the Centurions, but comparing them to the 3035's, they leave alot to be desired.

Thanks for the input. Right now I am running a pair
of Purist Audio Colossus speaker cables/Wireworld
Silver Eclipse IC's and I love what I hear so far, but
was wondering what cables might improve on that. Especially
in the area of treble extention...air...

Bass is fantastic, maybe the very best I have had
in my house so far (and thats a lot) great mids too.


Spectron Musician 1
Eastern Electric Mini Max tube pre amp
Audio Note 2.1x CDP

I would love to get the very best out of these
I use power cables by Virtual Image, Straightwire Crescendo IC's, and the Kimber Select 3035's. All of these cables came very highly recommended by Dale Fontenot, founder of Roman Audio.
components are:
Cal Audio CL-15 CDP
Cary Audio SLP-50 (pre amp)
Virtual Image Stereobloc 2040 (amp)

The amp is an EL-34 based, push-pull, 18 X 2, tube amp. One thing that I have found is that with a really good amp, you don't need a whole lot of power to drive the Centurions. IMO, the next step you should take is the power cables and I do HIGHLY recommend that you try the virtual Image Piledriver PC's. These are truly awesome power cables.