Speaker cables for Revel F30's with Bryston 9b st?

Hello out there!
Looking for some help regarding suggesitons for speaker cables to run from my Bryston 9B ST to a pair of Revel F30's.
I imagine bi-wiring is best but i am on a budget and want to spend less than $500 (used is good)
Given your budget, you should definitely put the Alpha-Core Goertz MI2 (copper) speaker cables on your 'short list'. You can buy a 8-foot bi-wired pair, with silver spade terminations, for less than $500. I recently installed a bi-wire pair of these cables in my system, and have very impressed with their performance and value.
Kimber 4TC/8TC or XLO Pro-1200 speaker wire should do very nicely in that price point.

peter jasz