Speaker cables for Ref.3a De Capo i & Cayin A-88T

Has anyone found a synergistic match ?
I am currently using Kimber flat ribbon cables bi-wired .
I am not sure of the model but they appear to be all copper .
Pricing would be @ $500 used per pair .
If I were to seek more of something , it would be some added sparkle on the top end .
Suggestions ?
Thank You
I would recommend trying a pair of Nordost Blue Heaven. They might be a little bright in some systems but the Blue Heaven are the most neutral of the older nordost in the Red Dawn and lower price range.
Thanks Davt .
Anyone else ?
I'm using Virtual Dynamics Master Series with my MM De Capo i's and Blue Circle BC3 & BC6. The Master Series are a synergistic match with the De Capo i's. I bought the speaker cables used but they still cost far more than your looking to pay. Still, you might want to try looking at some of Virtual Dynamics other models. You won't regret it!
I use XLO or Signal Cable for my Reference 3A

I'm not familiar with the Cayin equipment, but I have VAC amps and Reference 3A Dulcets and I have great synergy with biwired Acoustic Zen Satori.
Thanks everyone .
Each answer recommended a different cable !
Hmmm ?

Hey, Saki. It's all about system synergy and what sounds best to you. You might just have to try out all three to make up your mind. Good luck.