Speaker Cables for Quad ESL57

Anyone have any suggestions from Quad owners? As my front end and amplification has improved, I'm thinking maybe I've outlived my Nordost Flatline.
I refer you to Roger Sanders' white paper (on his website) regarding the unique requirements for speaker cables used with electrostats. http://www.sanderssoundsystems.com/technical-white-papers/cables-wp
You'll probably have more questions after that ;--))
-- Neil
I started using 57s in 1964 and was a dealer for Quad for years. I never found them sonically demanding but they present a difficult load for an amp which might be aggravated by using a cable with extreme properities. A friend who still has a pair I sold him in the mid 70s uses reasonably priced quite ordinary cable with very good results. Just steer clear of extreams of capacatance or resistance; that should be covered in papers like the one mentioned above. I used a wide range of cables myself with no problems.
Thinks for you recommend, i will try...
I agree that you should read the white paper and Roger Sanders thoughts on the needs of ESLs when it comes to cables.

I have owned QUAD ESL-989 speakers for about 8 years and have used a wide range of speaker cables. Each have imparted a bit of their sonic characteristics on the playback of music. I have used Magnan Signature (rich with an excellent sound stage), Oritek S-1 (neutral, somewhat lighter bass), pure silver solid core similar to Kimber 4AG (pleasant), Shunyata Lyra (clean, articulate with a good sound stage although possibly a little light in the bass) and finally Sanders Sound Systems. I've written a review encapsulating my feelings about them that you can find here on Audiogon:


If the 57's are similar to the 989's then I agree that you'll be able to use a fairly wide range as long as their design doesn't tax your amplifier any more than the speaker does already.

Good luck in your search.