Speaker cables for Quad 63's

I just picked up a pair of Quad 63’s. I’m currently using Analysis Plus Solo Crystal speaker cables that are bi-wired. All RCA’s are Solo Crystal as well. Since the Quad’s are single post I figured it would be a good time to try out some different speaker cables. Amps are Music Reference RM -10 Mk II’s in mono block. I’ve searched the archives but there is surprisingly little information. Any recommendations for speaker cables would be very much appreciated. Budget is around $ 500.00 - $ 750.00 for something used.
I had Quad 63's for many years, tried all types of speaker cables, I found the Mit speaker cables gave me the best sound, of course everyone has there own taste, but you should give a pair in your price range an audition.I am pretty sure your search will be over.
You could do what QUAD do at their demonstrations. Simply use some heavy duty (14 AWG or larger) insulated copper wire, nothing fancy. I have heard the new QUADs using good old extension lead wire (the orange stuff from Home Depot etc.). They sounded perfect to me!
I had great results with XLO signature 5.1 and cj or audio research electronics - sometimes it can be found at very good prices at Audiogon. A ggod friend also gets good sound with the old StraightWire Maestro and Virtuoso, using VTL tube amplifiers.
Thanks for the responses so far. I have some 12ga. wire that I was planning to try, but experience has already showed me on a number of different speakers that I can do better. I’ll also take a look at MIT, XLO and Straightwire.

Please keep the suggestions coming.