SPEAKER Cables for QUAD 2805's with VTL 225's mono

I'm delighted to say I just ordered a new pair of Quad 2805 ESL's. Other eq.: VTL 225 Triode Monoblocks Amps, VTL 5.5
PreAmp w/phono. Linn LP12 w/sumiko blackbird, CAL 15 CD.
Need just a short run is fine. Been using Tara Master Gen +,
1 meter spades for about 8 yrs or so. Can I find good cables, short cables for about $500 or so? Any thoughts on Cardas Neutral, Nordst, Acoustic Zen, Shunyata's?
This sounds like a compelling system! I'll just add this: when I had Quad 988's I was very surprised to find that using a better power cord for the speakers had a considerable positive effect. Who would have thought that keeping the stators charged would with different cables would effect the sonics! I just used home made VanHaus PC's. I would urge you to play around with this.

Best, Peter
Wow! That's a great find, Peter. Thanks. I wasn't certain if changing the PC's would provide better sonics or not. I'm
not looking to go off the 'deep end' in cable/tweak land, so I'm all for something low cost. Don't know anything about VanHaus. A quick google search didn't yield info on PC's.
What are homemade VanHaus PC's, please? Steve
I am using Cardas Golden Reference speaker cables with my Quad 2905s/Conrad Johnson LP70S power amp. Am really thrilled with the sonics.Also use Transparent power chords(the entry level)from the Quads into a Hydra 2 which feeds into a Hydra 6.It gets pretty complicated but the sound is divine!!
Wow! SunnyBoy1956, Do you find a big pickup in swapping out the stock pc's on the Quads fot the Transparent PC's? I was thinking of adding Hydra 2 or Guardian, maybe a PS Ultmate Outlet cause I have my mono blocks right next to the speakers and both cords share an powerport outlet. What PC do you have from the wall to the Hydra? THX
Hi Blue_strat, you can't go wrong with SunnyBoy1956's suggestion. He's been tuning his Quads for several years and well ahead of my own experimentation. Since I've had the Quad 2805s in the last few months, I've played with a lot of speaker cables. In your price range, I can strongly recommend the DH Labs Q10 for the Quads! I happened to own this cable before the Quads and since then I haven't found one that I like better. Of the others I tried, the Kimber 8TC was also very good, though a little less neutral than the DH Labs. What I liked about the Q10 was how it supported the midbass and rendered much depth in the sound stage. I continue to try other cables in an attempt to improve over the Q10, next up Audience AU24. I'll want to hear the Cardas GR too. I use deHavilland electronics. The Quads will love your VTL gear!
Apologies for taking so long to respond.
I had a pair of ML Odysseys with which I found a small but discernible improvement using an entry level Transparent pc as opposed to the stock pc. When the Quads arrived in Sept 2006 I continued with the Transparent pc. Honestly I have'nt done an A/B comparison of the Transparent pcs with the stock pcs.I suspect the difference would at best be minor. IMHO if I were setting up a new system I would replace the stock pcs BUT it would be the lowest priority. You will achieve more substantive benefits upgrading the speaker chords.
Have fun coz thats what its all about.