Speaker cables for Proac Response 2.5

Would like some ideas for these speakers. I'm using a Classe' CA-100 amp to drive them. Anybody know anything about Coincident Speaker Technology? Thanks!
I've used the Cardas line for years with my Response 2.
i have had transparent on 2.5 with 332 driving them sounded good to me try transparent super
I also have 2.5's and am looking at upgrading my speaker cables (presently Kimber 8TC biwire). Can you tell me what cables you have tried that worked well? My system is 60 watt ultralinear KT88 tube amp, ARC LS3 pre., CAL Icon MK2 front end.
Thanks, Andy
Hi Andy, I too have KT88 tube amps, Rogue Audio 120 watt mono blocks and their 99 preamp with Sony SCD-777ES cdp. All the gear is pretty new except for the Proacs. I am also looking for new speaker cable. The last pair I had were Nordost Blue Heaven bi-wired. They were ok but some of the midrange was missing and I never could tell the difference in the bi-wire vs. single run. I'm considering Acoustic Zen Satori. What are you considering? In your opinion did the bi-wire make a major change or only subtle? Anyway lets keep in touch since our systems are similar. Thanks, John my e-mail is radiomanjh@aol.com