Speaker cables for paradigm studios

I am looking to upgrade my system. I'm most likely going with the rogue audio Sphinx2 to pair with my paradigms. I have studio v1 and v3 speakers. I have Aq type 4 now. Is it worth biwiring? $300-500 range depending on biwiring. Thanks
Check out ClearDay cables.  Paul will send you an audition pair so you'll be sure of your purchase.  I compared them to top Audioquest (which I like)...but bought ClearDay.
2nd that clearday. Great guy to deal with. You don't like them, you send them back. If only every component was like that, this would be an easy hobby!
Clear Days Double Shotguns with Paul's jumpers will walk all over AQ type 4, not even in the same league, not even close. An older cable, the AQ Sterling is still a very respectable cable which I know well is closer to the Clear Days. Between the Sterling and Clear Days, I'd still pick Clear Days. The Clear Days offers everything the older Sterling has but is a little more relaxed, extended and open. If you can find a later set of Sterling that is still a very nice cable but guessing you can buy a new set of Clear Day Double Shotgun for less, so why bother. The Clear Day just disappears.

As far as your Paradigms go, I have taken my set of Double Shotguns to my local Paradigm dealer and they sound great on them which I feel speaks highly on how neutral the Clear Days are because I feel all Paradigms are a little hot on the upper frequencies compared to others. 

Clear Day Cables Double Shotgun cables will really open up your Paradigms and make them disappear. The post above are dead on; Paul makes it so simple to try his cables it's really a no brainier. If you do decide to audition Paul's cable, have him send a set of jumpers with as they're a great value as well. My Dad uses Paul's jumpers on his Sterlings. Paul really needs to push his jumpers as they're really good and I bet most Clear Day uses don't even know he offers them.
Bi-wiring seems to be a bit of a controversial way to go.  Seems like most people, and even some manufacturers, recommend either doing a double wire shotgun approach or single wire with good jumpers.  Some people report benefits going one of these routes where others hear no difference (my speakers sound marginally but significantly better with a double run).  Probably depends greatly on how the speaker and/or crossover is designed, so I agree with the above that a free trial is the best way to go.  I wouldn't expect huge differences here, so if there are other areas of your system that could use improvement (i.e. power conditioning, dedicated lines, room treatments, source, etc.) I'd probably address those first, but that's just me.  Best of luck.
Thanks guys, gave Paul a call. I'm new to the forum, and I want to take my audio system to the next level. 
I didn't know Paul made jumpers, and I need some! Thanks man.
You can check out the pictures of Clear Day jumpers in my system. Click on https://www.filepicker.io/api/file/xSrWBvtRQyeAcIt2kJnZ/convert?rotate=exif. Though Paul suggested 2-wire jumpers, I insisted on 4-wire jumpers. He said there would not be any difference between 2-wire and 4-wire jumpers.  Paul never tries to oversell. I am very happy with the Clear Day cables.
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I wanted to offer this for consideration.
I started a dialog with Paul this morning about changing my speaker interface. I have Paradigm Studio Reference 100v3. Driving them with Mark Levinson no.334.

He actually took the time to check the specifications on my speaker to ensure the proper recommendation. Since my speakers are down at 88dbs, the Double shotgun would be the best choice as it brings the most signal to lower efficiency speakers at or below 90dbs.

Then offered the 2, 3 and 4 strand jumpers in an attachment.
(milpai, The attachment for the 4 strand double shotgun was the same as the link you posted above. Nice system).
He did recommend in the future that I audition a second set of Double Shotgun for a true biwire configuration. Bottom line, I'm ordering a set, and jumpers.

One more thing I was unaware of, he does offer interconnects! 


Thanks milpai.
Paul's ICs are very good, both single and balanced. Very reasonably priced with very nice plugs, especially the Puresonic XLRs. The Puresonic RCAs are a little chunky so if your equipment has the jacks close together they will rub up against each other, but they work. I think the balanced cable is the gem of the two ICs.
Thank You for the kind words. You are going the same route that I did. I also have pictures of the Clear Day interconnects in my system page - both RCA and XLR. You sir, are really going to love what the speaker cables do in your system. My speakers are also 88db. I am guessing, you will get a better "gain" with the Clear Days in your system.

You are welcome.

Im using rogue audio 9 gauge bi-wires  to connect my paradigms v2s to my rouge cronus magnumn with good success. Paradigms seem to like heavy gauge wire in my experience with all the paradigms I had.  The rogue audio speaker cables are are a different company then rogue audio amps. But they are decent cables an 8' pair for 120.00 
Thanks Gary, if I may ? How do you like the Cronus? I listened to it while back and liked it alot. Do you like the headphone amp? And the phono amp is supposed to be good as well.

If your still in copy, I'm curious. Can you explain what you meant by "better gain"? 

I use a TVC in my system. So a good healthy voltage/current flow is always welcome and beneficial. When I switched over to ClearDay cables, I found that I had to go down 2 notches on the volume control, compared to my previous cables. The only thing I can think of is, the ClearDay pass more current/voltage. They made the sound "fuller" in my system. I am enjoying them everyday and am amazed that cables sound so different.

Thank you for the information. I am very interested to see/hear my results!

Best regards,
I'm another Audioquest Type 4 former owner.  It's a decent entry level cable, though overpriced unless you buy it in bulk by the foot.  It's a laid back cable, recessing the highs somewhat.  Also, because of the relatively small total gauge of about 15, they might not have the best amount of bass.  Very nice sound, though, for the money.  Clean, focused, not bright or brash.

You might want to take a look at your interconnect cables too, these affect the sound as well.  Prices can get crazy, I've spent over 600 myself for 2 pairs of cables.  But more recently I found a company that makes RCA or XLR cables using pure solid conductor silver.  

Stager silver cables are sold in various lengths, a 30" pair is $125.  I wish I would have found them before I spent!  Anyway, the website is http://stagersound.com/silver/   
I have no affiliation, but owners really love the sound!
Thanks! I have Hero's right now and they  seem ok. But I will look into those 

Thanks for the follow up post. I agree on your statement on interconnects. I'm currently using Straightwire Crescendo on my CD player and Audioquest Cheetah, (silver with upgraded DBS) between my Classe' preamp and Levinson amp. Both cabled are balanced.

On the speaker interface is Audioquest Gibralter single biwire. I'm hoping the Clear Day Double Shotgun's will do what everyone has reported. If they perform as anticipated, I will consider looking into Paul's interconnects. 


Urbanfox and nutty, it sounds like you have better than entry level RCA cabling than I had assumed, you might be fine in that department after all.  

You are welcome. And Good Luck too.
I would love to hear your feedback after you have them in your system for a couple of days.
I haven't tried the headphones on the cronus magnum yet but the phono stage is excellent I preferred it over the mcintosh c-34 and the marantz reference which I had. The phono stage is upgraded in the magnum 2 so it should be even nicer.
milpai, and others,

I have had an open dialog with Paul for a couple of days. I must say that he is one of the nicest people you will ever encounter. He is a very knowledgeable individual and we are lucky to have him in our hobby. (obsession?)  He is sending some product my way.


I have read lot about Clear Day cables here lately. Can anyone compare and contrast them with Morrow Audio cables? TIA
falcon - I have both.   Paul's double shotguns and Morrow Audio SP-4.  
I continue to use Paul's jumpers on my Totem Forests.  Paul's wire was transformative in my system.  I'd been using some Opera Consonance Joplin speaker wire.  When I went to Paul's wire it was like the music put on 20 pounds of muscle.  It just became a whole lot more palpable.  I was worried silver would be shrill and unpleasant.   Not at all.  Because of some speaker placement changes and moving between an integrated amp and mono blocks, I needed some longer wire.  I do not recall the exact reasons that led to trying Morrow wire.  Maybe he was running a sale or I bought used.  Not sure.  Anyway, I got some Morrow Audio SP-4 speaker cable and that's what I'm currently using (along with some of his interconnects).   Current set up is Totem Forest speakers<<Merrill Audio Veritas amp<<Consonance Ref 50 tubed pre<<Source.  With this equipment I thought the Morrow's were a little bit more resolving than the Clear Days but I want to be clear that's a VERY tentative impression. I don't recall the difference in sound being enormous but there's a pretty long break in period for the Morrows and even the Clear Days take some time to settle in when they've been out of the system.  SO it is hard to A/B things.  I haven't gone back and forth switching out wire recently and this impression is based on my admittedly short and not too reliable audio memory.  I did not sell the Clear Day cable and assuming it is long enough to reach, will try to put it back in the system in the near future and provide a follow up to you.  I'm also thinking I'll try the Clear Day cable with the tube mono block amps and Silverline speakers when I switch back to listening that way.  My recommendation, since both Clear Day and Morrow provide for in-home audition is get yourself a pair of each and decide for yourself.  Hope that's a little bit helpful though maybe not all you were looking for.  
I have a full set of Clear Day Cables and still highly recommend them as well but have moved over to WyWires. I doubt I'll get rid of my Clear Days because I like them so well and still believe they're hard to beat for the money. I have been switching out my Clear Days for WyWires Silver series and the change has been fairly noticeable but they do cost more. The WyWires are more open, much wider and deeper stage. I'm hearing things the Clear Days just couldn't flesh out which is surpring because the Clear Days are great cables. Alex of WyWires is just as easy to work with as Paul so look at WyWires as well if your budget allows.

Changed out the Morrow SP4 speaker cables for ClearDay Double Shotguns.  I had not previously run the ClearDays with the Merrill Audio Taranis amp.  My initial reaction was one of surprise as I expected the ClearDays to need some time to settle in and open up.  They'd been stored loosely coiled in a box for several months before installation  The sound "out of the box" was very good...not compressed or dull/flat sounding at all.  Will need to do more listening and reinstall the SP4s to be certain but I'm thinking the ClearDays are a bit "smoother" sounding than the SP4.  I don't mean rolled off - but more "relaxed" sounding and easier to listen to.  Cymbal crashes in Falling Star from Trower's In City Dreams seem fuller and not spitty or edgy.  Need to go back and check them using the SP4s.  I'm wondering if what I'm hearing might be the absence of little grain that was present with the SP4s?  Don't hang your hat on that comment.  Though I have tried to keep volume levels the same for the comparison, can't swear I didn't reduce volume a little with the ClearDays.  Also, wondering how much unplugging and plugging the banana terminations have improved contact.  Will need to reinstall the SP4s and listen more over the next couple of days.  Hope to report back in a couple of days.  Right now, however, I'm in no hurry to change out Paul's cable.
Thanks everyone, Rogue Sphinx ordered. HiFiman 400i ordered. Going to let everything burn in and then probably  Schiit  gungir next. Once I get it all dialed in I'll test drive some cables😊
What cables did you order, for doing a comparison?

The ClearDays always bring smile when I listen to music on my system. Listening to "Tea for the Tillerman" SACD (Analogue Productions) and with ALL the CD/SACDs were mastered in this manner. One of the best discs I own. ClearDay cables are so transparent.
Milpai - I have an SACD version of Tea For The Tillerman + some old vinyl versions. I will have to give the SACD a listen. That’s a great album. I still remember when I first heard it decades ago. The massed voices at the end of the title track made a lasting impression.

If anyone at all is interested, it’s now Day 2 of listening with the Clear Days re-installed. Things sound GREAT. I don’t think it is placebo. There’s just something more "euphonic" running the Class D Taranis to Totem Forests with the Clear Days vs Morrow Audio SP4. I also think bass is deeper...maybe that’s due to a difference in the overall tonal balance running Clear Days vs Morrows...Clear Days warmer? Morrows more high frequency??

As I try to reconstruct the history of what led to using the SP4s vs continuing with the Clear Days...Paul’s shorter cables were fine with my tube mono blocks positioned near each speaker. That’s what I was running (Cyber 800SE EL34 mono blocks + Consonance Reference 50 6H30 tube pre-amp) when I switched off from the Joplin speaker cable and heard the transforming difference Paul’s wire brought. When I wanted to run a Hegel integrated positioned between the Forests, however, I needed longer speaker wire (or so I seem to recall). Also, the Hegel was pretty laid back and (to my ear) rolled off sounding in the treble.  The Morrow’s were longer and seemed to liven up the higher frequencies. Yes, I know...don’t use cable as a tone control. I did. When I got the Taranis I just kept on using the SP4s and never thought to try the Clear Days. Reading Falconquests above request for a comparison of Clear Days vs Morrow Audio cable was certainly fortuitous. Right now, the Clear Days seem a very good match for the Taranis/Forest combo.

Thanks for making the cable switch and sharing your impressions. I was also running the SP-4's on my Legacy Focus but then Morrow had one of their big sales on used cables and I picked up a pair of the SP-5's for a ridiculous price. I am quite happy with them. It would be interesting to make the comparison with the Clear Day's on my system.
falconquest - Glad to hear from you and pleased you read my comments. I do think Morrow is good value - especially if you buy used or do a trade in/up. I know what you mean about "SP-5s for a ridiculous price". I frequently haunt his used cable listings. FWIW I am running Morrow Audio ICs from my phono-pre and DAC (MA-3 & MA-4 but I forget which is where...one of those with Eichmann silver bullets). Also running longish (2 meter) MA-3 ICs from pre-amp to mono blocks when those are in the system. I would have gone Clear Day there but Paul was concerned about the length and didn’t want to do it. I am inclined to replace all my MA-3s with MA-4s at some point. Not sure I’d spend again for the silver Eichmann’s, however. The one exception to all Morrow Audio ICs (outside a DH Labs digital cable from my USB/SPDIF converter to DAC) is a Cardas Parsec IC on my CDP. The dual (Cirrus Logic) DACs in the TEAC are very resolving and that translates to harsh on certain recordings. The Cardas helped tame things a bit. So that’s my cable story. Have to admit I am surprised at the results with the Clear Day speaker cable. What amp do you use to drive your Legacy Focus speakers?  Oh, wait...didn't realize your system was posted (I need to update details on mine).  Are you still running the Plinius separates?  Very nice gear.  You are definitely in another price range vs me! on amplification.  FWIW - before I picked up the Hegel was interested in a Plinius integrated for a solid state option.  The Hegel came up first.  Later.