Speaker Cables for Paradigm Reference 100v.2's?

Hi there.

I'm trying to decide what to do on speaker cables for my Paradigm Reference 100's. I also have the Paradigm CC center and ADP surrounds, but am interested in starting to upgrade with my mains for stereo music, followed by the rest.

Currently the speakers are all being driven by my receiver (Denon 3802), but I'll soon be picking up a seperate amp for at least the mains (probably Bryston 4bst).

Right now the mains are single wired with Audioquest CV-4, unterminated. I also made some jumpers out of the same cable to replace what comes on the speaker. Now I'm thinking of upgrading to bi-wire cables.

On my list as possibilites are:

MIT Terminator 2
Audioquest Gibralter
Analysis Plus Oval 9's or 12's
Kimber Kable 8tc

Any recommendations one way or the other? I've heard great things about them all. The MIT's seem to be popular to other paradigm owners. Suggestions?

I have used Kimber with my Paradigm Studio Monitors and I loved the results. Very neutral mid's and strong bass. The highs are detailed, possibly a little veiled but Paradigms can be a bright speaker so I think this is a good thing.
I currently Have Meadowlark Audio Kestrels for mains and a Paradigm Reference CC and I am using DH Labs Silver Sonics, the t-14's. I have been very pleased. I personally do not like anything from Audioquest, Kimbers are nice and I am currenlty adding upgrading to Harmonic Technology interconnects and they are amazing (great detail very neutral), I listend to the speaker cables many times and really like them.

Happy Listening
I own the 100s and they're currently my main stereo speaker (for music only). I find them to be on the bright side (as most do not, it seems), so I'll offer two suggestions for cables that I've tried:

-- If you think the 100s sound 'bright', try Cardas Quadlink. That's what I'm using now, and it's the best the Paradigms have sounded since I bought them about 6 months ago.

-- If you think the 100s are 'normal' to 'dull', try bi-wiring with Kimber Kable 8TC (bottom) and 4TC (top). Or if you can afford only one, the 8TC sounds nice, detailed and clean. The 4TC is also ok, but offers less bass IMO.

I've also tried MIT T2 (bi-wired and not). Again, if you don't think the 100s are bright, either of the MITs worked for me...and I prefer the bi-wired.
My 100v.2's are bi-wired with Kimber 8TC and I am satisfied with the sound. Tried a couple of other major brands and even some diy but liked the Kimbers the best. Don't find the 100's to be bright with the 8TC's, but have a tubed pre (BAT VK3i) that was a better match than the ss I had before.

I too have a pair of Paradigm 100's, CC, and ADP surrounds. About a year ago, I purchased three individual 15ft. runs (Front L, Center & Front R)of Kimber 4TC/8TC wire in a shotgun setup with postermaster spades. Keep in mind, I had this work performed by Kimber at the Kimber factory. I also paid a few extra dollars to have these three cables placed in a black sleeve to give them a more pleasing appearance. In essesnce these two seperate stands of 4TC/8TC cable appear to be one strand of cable from the outside. Although this may not improve the sound of your system, it does however make your system setup look much more presentable and refined.

As for the sound, like the post above says, I immediately noticed an increase in bass response. Likewise, once the cables were broken in, the treble and mid-range soundstage seemed to open up. I found myself auditioning some of my older CDs just to hear them played through my new speaker cables. After all, it that not why we choose to upgrade our components/cables? To fall in love once again with the music and/or movies of our choice?

If this is something you are seriously considering, I would suggest that you get in contact with an Audiogon member by the member name of "Disco." He is an excellent salesmen and knows his cables. If you choose the 4TC/8TC setup I hope you are as happy with them as I have been with mine.

Cheers and happy listening.

I dont have the 100's but I have the 80's.
I found the 80's tweeter(same as 100's) to be a bit forward.
I tried Kimber 8TC single run and Harmonic Technology Pro-11's single run.I still found the tweeters to be too forward.
I then tried MIT T-2 biwired with bananas all the way around.This tamed the forward tweeters to a degree I like.All the cables sounded a bit similar except for the bass.The best bass I heard was from the MIT,then the HT.then Kimber.So,in my system anyway,the MIT work very well.