Speaker Cables for Paradigm ref 100 V2


I am looking for a 10--12' speaker cables for following setup, looking forward to your valuable inputs. My current setup is as

Jolida JD-100 CDP --> Straightwire ICs -->
Odyssey tempest Pre --> Groneberg's ICS -->
Odyssey Stratos Power Amp --> Analysis Plus 12 speaker
cable --> Paradigm Ref 100 V2.

Room Size 22 X 20 X 10.

Mostly listen to vocals, Jazz.

Need a new speaker cable 10'-12 long, Budget around $300 (new or used).

Shortlist analysis Plus 9, Groneberg's, any other suggestions ?

try zu julian or wax speaker cables. i use the julians with my studio 60's.
I use MIT T2 cables with my 100.2s and find them to be excellent. Much nicer than my last Kimbers. Paired with McIntosh electronics. Arthur

Thanks for the suggestion, has anyone of you compared it with analysis plus 9 ? Anyway most probably I will get MIT to try out in my system.

I use AP 9 with my 100s and like it very much. I feel AP gave me a significant increase in detail right out of the box, something other more expensive wire didn't do in my opinion. I would like to try Acoustic Zen someday since so many people speak highly of it. If your system is bright already, AP may not be the way to go. I have tubes so its not at all a problem for me.
MIT T2 or MH-750 may highlight the brightness of the speakers too much. Use the Transparent Music Wave Plus speaker cables (about $300 in 12 feet length) that have a fuller bass and midrange, plus more musicality than the MIT. Also, replacing the factory jumpers between the high/low input binding post of the speakers with ones of better quality also helps.


Thanks for the suugestions, Anyone has any experience with Usher cables (There is advt from Response audio today) ?

Hi mboldda1,

Thanks for suggesting zu cables, I bought Zu Wax with jumbers to replace analysis plus 12.