speaker cables for Paradigm and Musical Fidelity?

I have a pair of Paradigm Studio 40 v.3 speakers. I am using a Musical Fidelity a3.2 integrated amp and a3.2 cd player. I am currently using Monster Cable entry level M series (mcx2s) cables. One speaker is about 18 feet from the amp so I need a pair that long. I am not looking for cable-nirvana but a reasonably priced upgrade. I am thinking about bi-wire also. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I liked MIT cables with my Paradigm Reference 100.2. I tried various Kimber, Audioquest, and Nordost cables, settling on rather inexpensive MIT T2 biwires. I know MIT offered long runs - I have even seen some for sale on Ebay recently. BTW, going to biwire made an audible improvement with my Paradigms. Arthur
Am using Audioquest CV-4 and Type 4+ with bananas for my Paradigm Monitor 3 v. 3 speakers. I run 17 feet of each to each speaker on my stands. It cost less than $200 to do this through Audiogon and other audiophille web pickups. Either cable alone would be a welcome alternative to Monster cable.
I replaced my Monster Z2 with 10' bi-wire Goertz MI2 and noticed an improvement in detail. Purchased them off the 'Gon for approx. $150 - well worth the money, IMHO.

Make sure you get the wire which is at least 14 guage
I replaced my Monster cable with Synergistic Research Bi-Wire with Active Shielding for my Stuiod 100 v3. I was amazed.