Speaker Cables for NAD M3 and Carbon 7 Speakers

Hello everybody
I'm looking for good speaker cables for NAD M3 and
Fritzspeakers Carbon 7 speakers. So far I'm using QED
Revelation Signature Cables and highs are slightly rolled off.
By the way, QED Cables are brand new and may be they need burn in period.
I would really appreciate your opinions.
Thanks in advance.
Patience is a virtue. Wait it out for a while, let your ears get accustomed to the sound, then evaluate if the system gets more to your liking.
I would wait about 200 hours of playing time to see if the QED cables develop in the treble. If not, contact Fritz as he will surely have recommendations. Fritz and I (WyWires) have agreed to partner at all shows in the future and we have had great success with my wire and his speakers as there seems to be a very good pairing.
Thanks for reply. I already spoke with Fritz and he is also
recommending WyWires but they are to expensive, $1200.00
for 8'.
But wait...WyWires is about to announce the Blue Series at about 40% the cost of the regular Silver Series and there is a 20% introductory discount through 11/30/2011. We'll be playing the Blue in our room during CES/THE Show in Vegas, with the Silver in some other rooms.