Speaker Cables for NAD C356 and Focal 807W

I have modest system and I am looking for the speaker cables
that would improve the sound. So far I was using Signal Cable
speaker cables. Decent sound but it is time to upgrade.
Thanks in advance on your opinions.
You have a superb amp. I know. I used to own it and have since owned many much more expensive amps. It's still one of my favorites.

I highly recommend speaker cable from the British company called The Chord Company.
Torevado... Why is it time to upgrade your spkr cables? Is there something you don't like about the sound of your system?
You should also factor in your ICs and power cables, maybe some power conditioning. IOW, look at the big picture, maybe it's not the spkr cables that need to be changed.

You have some decent spkr cables, what interconnects are you using? Also, tell us what type of music you listen to and your source.