Speaker cables for Merlin Speakers

Hi friends,
I want to know your experience with Merlin speakers and cables.
Bobby usually recomend Cardas or Audience AU24e speaker cables, but I want to know if you could compare with other brands like Acoustic Zen, Purist, Shunyata, Nirvana.....
I will apreciate your opinions.
I would seek out Bobby's recommendations for this. I'm sure he could tell you what he used when 'voicing' the speakers.
To me, this information would be invaluable.

I've been very happy using all JADE Audio Vermeil cables and interconnects w my MMes. I found the Cardas GRs to be a little "slow". Never tried the Clears.
I use cables in series and parallel with my Merlins. Granted, this is unconventional, but the results are stunning. In my system this gives superior results to using any single cable. It is actually similar to what Franck Tchang does with his ASI Liveline cables but he does it within one cable, of course. I use ASI cables in series and parallel with other cables.
Cardas cable is used inside, so to use is further is logical.
Check out this thread for Bobby's thoughts on the Supra Classic 6.0.
Although Bobby's speakers have changed over the year, his cable recommendations have remained the same. Search the archives, a lot of good info from members.
I use Cardas Golden Cross (cold forged spades) in parallel with ASI Liveline with my Merlins. The sound is far superior to using Cardas alone -- in my system. I am talking about tonality, sound stage width and depth and all the other criteria that make for a pleasing sound. I found Supras not worthy or the Merlin name -- in my system.
Have you considered >99% pure oxygen-free copper in a two-conductor stranded 12AWG CL2 (well-insulated/shielded) configuration?
It'll sound durn good, I promise. Terminate to your preference.
e, what are you hearing in your system that you would like to change or what do you want to achieve?
what cables are you using now?
maybe i can help.
bobby at merlin
Thank you Bobby for your interest.
You told me that the best way are the Cardas Golden Preference, Golden Reference or Clear with cold forged spades and probably I will go in that way.
But I post this thread to know more about Merlin speakers and different cables.
I know that many people also use Audience AU24e or tried the Supra Sword and I want to know another experiences with other brands like Purist, Nirvana, Acoustic Zen...
Thanks again