Speaker cables for MBL 120 and MBL C51


I'm in need of some suggestions for interim speaker cables to use that can be bought here on Audiogon for around $1500-$2000 tops while I wait for my main cables to arrive (these are going to take a lot longer then I thought).

I was thinking of Kubala Sosna emotion but they are above my budget for this.

Any other speaker cables that you think would work well with this combo?

Hi there,

I have a suggestion if you don`t mind!

Those who value natural, uncolored sound, requires adequate audio cable. Electromagnetic interactions can quickly affect and distort the highly sensitive audio signals. Emanation Audio cable from Hungary lead finest impulses completely unadulterated to the amplifier or the speakers. The best materials and a loving crafted finishing round off the very complicated structures of the manufacturer in detail. These are real high-end cable. If you operate a "matching" system, you will hear the final touch in the reproduction of your favorite music.

And it`s absolute true! I`m one: enthusiastic. But as the saying goes ... "Trust your own ears."

The best cooper cable in my opinion is the Pro 600 series. The 1.5m is price in Euro 1900 and the 3.0m is 3200. Also there is a Reference 500 series which is cheaper,but the sound very good too! It`s worth every $$$.
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