Speaker cables for Magnepan MG3.6Rs mid/hi

I'm in the process of biamplifying my Magnepan 3.6s, and I'm considering Goertz MI2 between my Quicksilver V4s (tube amps) and the Maggies. I've heard mostly great things about these cables, but was wondering if anyone had other recommendations.

-- Nils
for the money MI2 is very hard to beat and I think they should work well with tubes

i prefer audio note lexus wire but at much more money
Nils- That's what I use and I love em...
Save yourself a ton of money and order the Clear Day solid Core Silver Shotguns. Do a search here for his ad.
I agree with Philjolet and Gmele.
The Goertz MI2 is a huge bang for the buck that works extremely well with Maggie’s and was designed to work with 4 ohm speakers. It’s a match made in heaven. I know for a fact that it’s extremely hard to hear the difference between speaker cables that cost several thousands of dollars (blind test) and the Goertz MI2, when used with Maggie’s.
Been there done that.
Valleyplastic reports a hugh improvement with his 1.6's using a double run of Goertz MI2.
If you are using the balanced outputs of the Marantz, it has the hot pin reversed compared to US and European balanced components. Do you have a polarity switch in the signal path? Some pre amps have this, I had the guys that make the Sonic Euphoria pre amps custom make a set of Cardas XLR cable to fix this on my Accuphase CD player I used to have. Any less complicated ideas to enhance the crossovers on the Maggies? I finally settled on a 6 foot pair of Kimber 8TC's for the highs and a single pair of PS Audio Statements (spades on amp, bananas on Maggies) for the low connection. thanks-