Speaker cables for Maggie 3.5s

What are other Maggie owners using for their 3.x series panels?

I am driving them with a Plinius 8200 integrated, and Vince (the US Plinus distributor) suggested I use a net 10 gauge cable for best results. He didn't recommend any specific brand. I started out biwiring with Rat Shack 12 gauge, and want to try something else.

I have been impressed with Canare star quad 11 gauge in the recording studios I work at, and it's cheap enough to give it a shot with minimal downside, but was curious what other Maggie owners can share in terms of success and failure.


Tim Wat
Alpha Core MI2 Veracity and Acoustic Zen Satori and Hologram have all worked really well with my 1.6s with the AZ stuff being smoother and more full sounding.
Go on the PlanarAsylum and you'll get about 12 different responses in about 24 hours, if that's helpful.
I am running Jena Labs Valkyre and they are with out a doubt the finest speaker cables I have heard on Maggies. I have had many cables through here and these really did a lot on the maggies- if they are in your price range you owe it to yourself to audition them.
Audience Au24 are what I am now using with the MG3.6R speakers and are by far the best sounding of anything I have tried.
Previously used Cardas Neutral Ref. 'shotgun', Satori 'shotgun' and Satori w/jumpers. The Au24 initially were excellent and left them in for a couple of weeks before swapping back the Satori. That convinced me what was already obvious. Although I haven't heard the Valhalla, the reports of favorably comparing the Au24 to them is believable since the Au24 is far superior to the Satori.
After hearing them, it doesn't matter to me the Au24 are not fat 10 awg cables. There is a 60 day in-home trial through at least one Audiogon dealer (normally 30 days from Audience), so you really can't go wrong if they are within your budget.

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I second the AlphaCore MI2 Veracity. I'm using them
with Magnepan 1.6's and a Levinson 335 with excellent
I have Audioquest Calderas biwired to my 3.5s. I am quite satisfied
My 3.6/R´s are hooked up with a double run of AudioTruth (AQ Argent+, but I´d love to try the Kimber Selects.

has a series of reviews by Bob Neill on speaker cables.
The informative review of the Empirical Audio Clarity 7 speaker cables at Positive Feedback is very interesting and verifies other reports I have read regarding their performance. The current review is significant for me because it favorably compares them to cables I know are excellent. Definitely worth an audition.
The Gecko jumpers would need to be terminated with Z plugs or bananas, change the connectors on the speakers, or use adapters which is an added connection. I'll probably change the connectors on my XO's and speakers eventually to spade type during the next phase of XO upgrade. I have already eliminated the extra connections for biwiring on the XO box, bypassing the tweeter attenuator and fuses on the speaker with very worthwhile results.

You bring up something I've been wanting to research everytime I look at those stainless steel XO boxes.

Can you describe in more detail what you've done to elminate the XO biwire connections?
Timwat, Basically it's just a matter of eliminating the need for jumpers on the input side of the XO box when using a single run of speaker cables. Once you open the XO boxes you can see how it's wired and goes to the output side to the speaker panels. I have the XO boxes on shelves with vibrapods under them behind the speakers and run twisted pairs of Au15 wire to the panels.
While I was at it I eliminated the fuse and tweeter attenuator connections inside the covers on the panels. If you need more detail or pictures by email, let me know.
I agree with Eagle, fuse and tweeter attenuator bypass is a HUGE improvement- albeit with a risk. I am planning a no holds bars cross over in the next few months, from everything I am told the cross overs are the true weak link with these speakers. For other magnepan users I strongly urge you to try the Jena Labs cables, they are really something amazing(in particular for the money). I have had a lot of cables including- cardas golden cross and golden reference, nordost Valhalla, kharma grand enigma cables, tekline(I don't recall the model #, but it was there flagship), Zu WAX among many many others, and the Jena's put all of them to shame. The closest runner up was the Valhalla and they are fairly close but they are a lot more money- and trust me if I felt they were any better I would have them in my system now.