Speaker cables for Mac MC60s

The spades on my nirvanas are to big for the Macs,What is a good cable that will fit.
I do not understand all the talk about matching a cable with a component. Its a wire to connect them together. If you want to use your system to mix the source material in some way or another, for whatever reason, then there must be more effective ways to do it than the very subtle variences of wire qualities.

If however, 'true to the original' is your motive and goal, then use the MegaCable from Radioshack for speaker runs, and a copper well shileded interconnect. Put your money into more transparent speakers and an amp with less distortion. Keep working on the setup, and deal with room acoustics to get the best out of them.

Then you will be very (often painfully) cognizant of the sonic qualities of the source material, and can be more selective in what you have in your collection.

If its about the music, then 'true to the original' is the only rational, or valid goal for a playback system.
Most spades today are larger than the speaker terminals/posts of those made in the late 50's and early 60's you may be best making your own terminations on cables (Radio Shack) has spades (gold plated) that fit MC60's. Get copper oxgen free type cable in bulk,cut to preferred size and crimp spades.Then you're set with exact length needed and matched termination to fit MC60's. If you want to spend $$$$ on high tech cables with big spades or use the large spades you already have, you can replace the speaker terminal strip on the MC 60's,but then you may drop the vintage value of your MC 60's if this is the first modification made to them. Best of luck. Olenorge