Speaker cables for Linn Kan I

Hi, I'm running both LS3/5a and Linn Kans with Kimber Monocle XL. With the LS3/5a the Kimber is a great choice in all ways. Not so much for the Kans. I think I can get more out of them with another cable choice, hopefully nothing like as expensive as the Kimber. I'm most interested in trying some budget or DIY stuff to find a better synergy. Less hardness in the mid and firmer bass with a leaner sound would be nice. Anybody's advice on a direction to go in would be most welcome, thanks.
I use Kimber 8tc with Linn Katan's. Works very well.

A very nice cable is the LFD biwire. I use it with Aerial 5's. Extremely detailed and tight with no hardness.

I'm sure there are tons of other choices....
As a former "Linnie" I would recomend Linn's own K20 or K400 for bi-wiring, cable. I always found that there was a real synergy with Linn's speaker cables and it's loudspeakers. Not really cheap but can often be found here used for very good prices.
Thanks for the ideas. I wondered about using Linn cables, so it's good to hear of your experiences.
This morning I picked up some 18awg solid core wire from a garage sale and decided to try it out as speaker wire. The results (with single runs to each channel): With the LS3/5a speakers, my Kimber Monocle XL trounced the solid core easily in all ways. The solid core drained the musical juice from the sound and the bass became boomy and loose.

With the Linn Kan speakers the solid core trounced the Kimber in all ways, firming the bass, reducing coloration and 'shout' and revealing a magical musicality that previously had been masked by the Kimber.

I have no explanation for any of this! But I'm really delighted, and surprised by the different synergies available with amp/cable/speaker combinations.
FWIW, a very close friend mine tried many cables with his Linn Kabers, he settled on bi-wired Tara's, the other top considerations were Linn's own and StraightWire.