Speaker cables for KEF LS 50 and Peachtree 220SE

Looking for speaker cable recommendations for KEFs and Peachtree integrated. Current Audioquest GBC cables tend to emphisize detail of ESS DAC and switching amp. Looking for more tonal balance and broader sound stage. Eight feet length, $700ish budget. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

What other cables have you used to determine the GBCs are the culprit?
Transparent entry level cables and Audioquest quadraflex bulk cables. Have just noticed these traits with audioquest GBC and Type IV with solid core LGC in general. Sometimes it is the ticket, sometimes it isn't. Looking for other suggestions in budget.

If you like starquad configuration and steer away from monostrands, why not mogami 3104 or canare 4s11? I have canare now between marantz 8004 intevrated and rega rs5 and I could not ask for better. Love it everyday.
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