Speaker cables for Joseph Audio Rm25xl

Want to replace my Home Depot cords I made years ago. Using a Plinius Integrated. Would like to keep the price under $350 if possible, used is fine by me. Any help would be appreciated, thanks
Analysis Plus Oval 12.
Been using it on same speakers to tremendous effect for over ten years.
Agree with AP cables. They are often paired with JA speakers at shows.
Call if you are interested in a set, I have extras.
Gilmore Raptor monoblocks. Great with Maggies
Thanks your your responses, sound's like Analysis Audio works well with Joseph Audio. Any other responses would be welcomed, Richard
Clear Day

Would help to know what aspects of sound are important to you and what you'd like to improve upon. Without knowing any of that, there's a pair of Acoustic Zen Hologram IIs (6ft, if that works for you) currently available in single or biwire at a little over your price range. I'd guess they're just a tad more detailed than the AP cables if that means anything. Anyway, they'd likely be a considerable step up from your homebrews, and if you don't like'em just turn around and sell'em. Best of luck.
Thanks again for the feedback.The present sound of the system is detailed yet I don't have the depth of soundfield I think I should have in my system. Looking for anything that would increase a sense of holographic sound, thanks
All the cables mentioned should be an improvement.

When I bought my 25xl's they were very flat and had no highs. The dealer who had just delivered them, went to his car and brought in the cheapest Synergistics speaker cables made, and the difference was BIG.

I have used the Reality Cables with Bel Canto, and now use the very good Teresonic cables, but they are over your budget. Buy used on this site.

Good luck,
Joseph Audio speakers are some of the best in the business at the depth and holography thing in my experience. First thing to address is your distance to the back wall. Pull speakers out at least three feet from the rear of the speakers to the back wall if you haven't and and see what happens. AZ cables do depth well if it's in the recording. Surprised that's a limitation with the RM25s, even with your home brews.
Not sure what length cables you are needing, but 2 great options to consider would be:

XLO UltraPlus6

Chord Rumour2

I'm a Joseph dealer (and XLO/Chord dealer) and find these 2 to work quite well with the 7xl/22xl/25xl speakers.
I'm a Joseph dealer (and XLO/Chord dealer) and find these 2 to work quite well with the 7xl/22xl/25xl speakers.

Imagine that !!!!!!
"Imagine that !!!!!!"

I know, Who would of thought!

But seriously, those 2 cables are good choices, and in the OP's price range.