Speaker cables for JM Lab DIVA?

I'm new to the JM LAB line. Anybody has reccommendations for speaker cables for DIVA? I have Hovland Pre, Pass Lab 150.5. I now use Kimber bifocal for B&W sig 805s which I prefer over AZ hologram ii, synergistic research.

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MIT's Ultra-Wide Bandwidth models in the Oracle Series are specifically made for amps like the Pass X Series (and Spectral, Halcro, and Goldmund)which have bandwidth out to the megahertz region. I've heard the combination of Pass, MIT Oracle and JM Utopia at a reviewer's home and it was breathtaking: immediate, open, articulate, with superb bottom end and "you are there" holography.

I recently helped a friend set up his X-600s with MIT Oracle V2.1 UW and WATT/Puppies. He'd owned the amps and speakers for years, but told me the hearing them with Oracle was "like I was really hearing them for the first time."
Thanks Joe. I'm looking for 2.5M pair that's <1200.
I'm tempted by Ridge St. cable or Pure Note. They are both silver cable and I'm worried that it may sound too thin.
TG Audio HSR. Lovely, lovely cables, at $800 for 8 feet. They've beaten out some pretty heavy contenders in my system - AZ Satori, Magnan Signature, Argent Pursang...

They are silver, but there isn't a trace of leanness about them. They have a full, rich sound with excellent extension and remarkable imaging properties.