Speaker cables for hybrid amp?

I am running a NY Audio Lab Moscode 300 hybrid power amp. It has a tube front end and MOSFET output transistors. I have been thinking about MIT cables biwired to my Vandersteen 2ci's and was wondering if the solid state or tube versions would be appropriate. I probably would buy from Audiogon and am a little uncomfortable going in to a dealer to get input. MIT never responded to my last email about another technical issue. Can anyone out there offer advise based on technical know-how or actual experience? Thanks
Experience with hybrid amps shows these types like a good quality thick copper cable with a silver or siver/copper interconnect. Also power cords can have a fundemental effect of the final system "sound". To get the best system performance from your amp you will probably have to go to a dealer, especially if they are prepared to let you "try before you buy". Lack of response from MIT should guide you in future if you are thinking of their cables..!! Hope this helps?
I suggest calling the Cable Co. and they'll loan you any cable you want to try. I had a Pathos Twin Towers (also a hybrid design) for over a year, and tried numerous cables and found the TG audio spkr cable to work very well with it.
I presently own the 600.Did you know that amp sounds best if left on all the time? (FACT) You got a captured cord-no help there. There are other amps out there to do better justice to your Vandys.I moved up the food chain to Music reference 9 mk 2(saw one in clas.sect.1500 What an amp.)Then on up to Jadis 7 mk 4.I use the Moscode to run the rear speakers (home theater) I have AQ diamond 2 int cons I use Cardas speaker wire.But realy you are under-amped.What transport?
Forgot:the stock rca outs and the binding posts are crap Got mine changed out to Cardas $250,what a dif. way to much help huh?
I'd consult stnemo@starpower.net on this one. I've had a lot of advice from him, and it's all been good. He's a cable designer, and would let you try cables on a 30-day money-back (except for shipping) guarantee. I'd also avoid MIT like the plague, having used them for years: when I heard really good cables, I cursed myself, still do, for the money I wasted on these greatly inferior products. In fairness, I should say that my MIT's dated from about 1989.
Thanks all. Any help is appreciated. With respect to underamp comment (Avguygeorge) Do you mean underpowered? Seems like more than enough oomph for my 14 x 22' room. CD is CAL 10 which I have just hooked up to the Soundstream DAC1 I bought here (seems like more detailed, lots of bass, maybe a little etched but have only operated for less than 2 hrs). Anyways, what I was really wondering about was if the amp "looks like" solid state or tube to the cable when it has a tube driver and ss output stage? All comments on upgrading with a modest budget are greatly appreciated. Currently using DH Labs T-14 cable run (2 single runs biwired per side).
When I say under-amped I refer to quality.I guess many people think "watts is watts";and thus think "bass is bass".Let me use an analogy: In tennis, running to get to the ball is only half as important as what you do with the ball when you get to it.Remember I own the 600. This is not merely an oinion.And I'm not 'dissin' mine or yours.In 1983/4 this was great sound for the buck.Pretty much a breakthru product for the price.Your 'Vandys'are capable of revieling more.When you're ready think about this as there are many ways to go,on the up-grade path, this is just"one" of the many. Trick is get the best speakers you can afford,later, money permitting,up-grade "Everything"too the level of the speakers.One piece can hold you back.I'm not saying it 'is' the Moscode;I don't know the rest of your system.
Thanks for your thoughts, esp. Avguygeorge. I am running ARC SP9mkII, CAL10, and the Vandys (2ci). I have been toying with the idea of a new amp, any thoughts out there.
Talk about coincidences .That was my pre, back then but just not mk2.I remember when I traded in my 9 on an Encore.Wow,what a step up.+they gave me900trade in.Really felt I had pulled a fast one on the dealer. AR & CJ have 2 things in common.Their lesser expensive pre's are not great value,but worth a lot used.Also had CJ pv6 or7.So when we are talking things I used to own I know where they stand against the rest.You have done the right thing.Get good speakers first.And next;your an Audiogon member. I think you know where I'm going with this-yes? The FEAST of used gear here is mind boggling.Don't buy cables yet, is my best advice.Cables would be a band aid. You're here asking questions;That tells me you want to move up.So getting the most"music" for the money to feed them speakers,and I see you like tubes, is what the abjective is.Start a thread-What amp-pre amp for Vandersteen's I dont know it all.There are some pretty smart guys out there.Vandy's have a loyal following, you'll get lots of suggestions.I'll repeat my first choice:Music Ref 9 mk2(12/14 hundred).For the pre: Sonic frontier line 1, If you don't do vinyl, CJ 12/14 if you do.Budget constraints may mean waiting.If you do the thread,I'll look in.Hope you don't think I'm looking down my nose at your eqpt.At this point I figure cables are not your primary need.No way I can tell how much you have or want to spend,but the advice is free.