Speaker cables for Harbeth monitors

I want to know your experiences with Harbeth monitors and speaker cables. Which brand or model you use or recomend ?
Biwire or not ?
I saw many post about Harbeth monitors, but nobody speak about cable experiences.
Thanks for your coments
I can't speak about Harbeth, but a very nice cable that works well with Spendor is LFD grainless. They are a biwire cable. I used them with my Spendors and now with Aerials.
I have the Compact 7ES-3 speakers and I found the Crimson Electronics speaker (and interconnect) cable to be a fantastic cable -- plus it is pretty inexpensive. See the Austin Hi-Fi website. If you can live with the blue cables they are great. I preferred the cable to the LFD Spiroflex cable with my non-LFD amp. With a LFD amp like the NCSE, a different story. So it depends...good luck.
Since the answer to your question has been covered by many on the Harbeth User Group, I suggest that you take a look to this forum. You'll access it via Harbeth's website.
I have Harbeth speakers in my secondary system. If you don't spend at least two thousand dollars on an eight foot pair you'll never realize the potential of the speakers. Better yet is to make sure they're covered in grey Techflex, the black stuff is just no good. I have done extensive comparisons, way into the early morn.