Speaker Cables for FRITZ Carbon 7 SE mk2

Not sure if I should’ve posted this in cables or speakers...

but..Since this is somewhat speaker specific, I’m posting here.

I’ve posted a bit before about how I’m somewhat new here and have jumped into the deep end the past couple of years trying to outfit myself with a very pleasing digital audio setup without spending a fortune.

At this point, I’m in about $8.5k in and don’t’ really want to go too too much north of that.

I will be upgrading my streamer soon and with new speakers cables will probably crest the $10k mark.

I was using Omega single driver monitors with Supra cables (recommended by Omega) but have moved the Omegas to a different room but I’m still using the Supras.

In the past few months I’ve ended up with almost all my cabling (except power) being Triode Wire Labs (Ethernet, USB, Coax and RCA interconnects)

I’m interested in purchasing a set of speakers cables from TWL but thought I’d check in with Fritz owners about what has worked for them first.

Currently my system is something like:

Router > Linkup Ethernet cable > Uptone Etherregen > TWL Freedom Ethernet cable > Ifi Zen Stream with 12V LHY linear power supply > TWL USB cable > Denafrips Iris DDC > TWL coax SPDIF > Border Patrol se-i DAC > TWL Sprit ii RCA interconnects > Van Alstine T10 tubed preamp > BJC RCA interconnects > Van Alstine SET 120 power amp > Supra Rondo 2.5 speaker cables > Fritz Carbon 7 SE mk2.

Power Cords are all Signal Cable.

Ultimately I’m very happy for the most part.

I do feel like the Supras may be holding things back , but who’s to know without experimenting. The system is smooth, warm, relaxed ...never strident. Sometimes, not always, the highs seem a little rolled off. Maybe I’d like to interject just a bit of sparkle into the system.

I’m also not done experimenting with power amps so the SET 120 may change around but...given what I’m currently using , does any Fritz user have suggestions on speaker cables. I’d like to purchase about 3.5 meter pairs so that can get costly and I guess I’d like to stay near $1000.

thanks in advance


Get these — you won’t be disappointed…


Also, lose those BJC interconnects and replace with a pair of Acoustic Zen Silver Reference interconnects when they come up used.  Put that between your DAC and preamp and move the TWL Spirit between your pre and amp and you’ll get significant improvements.  Lose the Spirit and replace with another AZ Silver Ref and the improvements will be additive.  I’ve got both the Satori and two sets of Silver Refs in my system so I’ve got some experience with them.  Best of luck. 

@erik_squires Didn't know you were a fan of MO GA MI.  I have a friend who is a big fan.  They are very cost effective.

They also come with the BFA style bananas that I much prefer.

I think they are very consistent with the other equipment in the system.


Jerry @carlsbad 

When I was involved in motion picture installations we used them exclusively. 

When I had moved on to IT I thought I could do better with Wireworld and other boutique brands.

I was 100% mistaken.

I now exclusively use Mogami for speaker cables and DH Labs pure silver for analog IC's.  I'm done.


I have the same speakers and some of your other gear.

I am using Kimber 8Ts

$300 for 3 meter set. 

I see no sub's listed or am I missing them?

I would be buying a swarm before spending on cables.

You and I are value minded consumers. 

You can see that $3,000 speakers don't justify $1,000 cables.

Fritz recommended BJC to me. I went with the Belden 5T00UP and never looked back. 

In France we have a company called WhyNot cables. These cables use active shield and they are considered by french audiophiles as the very best cables regardless of your budget. Previously I've used american Magnan Reference speaker cables with my Sound Lab + Atma Sphere based system. I have recently switched to WhyNot and I think that my search for good speaker cable is now over. 

Thanks for these suggestions 

Yes, I've been recommended Acoustic Zen before.  They are definitely out of my budget but used could be a possibility.

Also intersted in Audience , used as well

Honestly I hadn't thought about Mogami as I have associated them with studio cables.

Does anyone have experience with the TWL American speaker cable with or without Fritz speakers?

If anyone is interested here's the data sheet for the Supra cables I'm currently using



I agree , the economics of $1000 of speaker cable on $3000 monitors doesn't really make sense.  I'd much prefer to spend half of that.  But I do want to allow the speakers to be the best they can be....and as mentioned, my system leans warm.

Since I'm pulling the Supra cables to go to my 2nd system with the Omega monitors I have to buy new speakers cables anyway...this isn't just a matter of an upgrade.

As to your question on subs...I have 2 Omega Deep Hemp 8 powered subwoofers....hooked up speaker-level to my power amp.

They are set up stereo L/R....but , I only turn them off half the time.  These Fritz Carbon produce bass that baffles the mind given their size.  I'm honestly rarely wanting in more bass.

Are you using a swarm 100% of the time with your Fritz Carbons?


Not using a swarm but intend to do that next. 

Currently just have one 8" REL sub.


I own the Carbon7se MKII and use Kimber 8TC speaker cables (purchased used) between them and my Pass XA25 or Aric Audio Transcend tube amplifier used in rotation. Also don't feel the need for subwoofers in my 12 x 15' room.

Seems to me you have a very well balanced system which you enjoy. Given this system I would not spend 1K on speaker cables.  My thinking is to spend no more than 10% on cables connecting the combined cost of the two components to be connected. 

Better to purchase cables that steer your system in the desired sonic direction.  You stated you hear your system as 'warm'. If too much so look for a cable that tends to be neutral or somewhat brighter to liven up the presentation somewhat. 

Great advice @mesch 

guess I need to do a little research on speaker cables that may interject a touch of brightness .  Silver plated perhaps.

I’m dying to hear the XA25 with these Fritz speakers. Bet that’s a lovely combo.

I have Fritz Carrera BE Speakers and use a full loom of Triode Wire Labs cables. I had mogami and analysis plus solo crystal oval 8 prior.  In my system and to my ears the TWL cables are perfect for these speakers.  I also am running a XA-25 with them as well.