Speaker cables for Egglestonworks Fontaine?

I'm looking to replace my Transparent Audio Ultra XL speaker cables. While they have an engaging and musical warm sound I find them a little dark. Not necessarily a bad thing but I would prefer more high frequency detail and extention. I'm considering Pure Note Epsilon silver cables or perhaps Cardas Golden Reference (two very different cables, I know) and would appreciate any input or other suggestions. My components are:
Classe CP60 preamp w/ Cardas Golden Cross to SimAudio W5 amp. ESP Essence pc on the pre and TG Audio HSRi Squared pc on the amp. Audio Research CD2 cd player w/Cardas Golden Cross ic and ESP Essence pc. Speakers are Egglestonworks Fontaines. Thanks!
I used to own Transparent, MIT, and Cardas Golden Cross cables. Compared to the Pure Note they are dark and phasey. The Pure Note Epsilon Ref's have far more speed and detail and the sound stage is sharply focused (especially the speaker cables) in my electrostatic system. Like all cables, you really have to try to get the closest match.
I have pair of Andras and I use Alpha Core Tourmaline copper 7 gauge with great succcess. Have tried others but these just keep making their way back in the system.