Speaker Cables for Dynaudio Special 25

Looking for some ideas for further research and to narrow down my "A" list a bit. I just broke in my new Dynaudio Special 25's and Belles 21A Auricap pre and Ref. 150A amp. I plan on upgrading my speaker cables from the current Nordost Super Flatline Mk II. I was considering Shunyata as there is a local dealer to audition, Nordost Blue Heaven or Red Dawn, but am aware that there is lots of others to consider. I want a nice neutral wire that gives me all the information that comes from the amp. I am not looking to impress others with the cost but if it contributes greatly to the system I am not afraid to invest in a good set of cables. Thanks.
I liked Acoustic Zen Holograms with some C3's which are similar to the 25's. Went the 'cable company' route and listened to maybe 9 cables in the 1k-3k range before I bought.
I had Special 25's for a while and found Kimber Monacle XL to work pretty good. Do not use Nordost......... They sounded like crap to me (both SPM, and Blue Heaven)......... Didn't like em, no way.

Chris, could you elaborate a bit more on why you don't like the Nordost cables in your system/ Also, if you could tell us what your set-up is. Curious because I just bought a set of Blue Heavens I'm testing today and would like to comapare notes if you have the time.

The Nordost house sound is thin and also somehow out of phase to my ears. With the Special 25's they brought out too much midrange prominance (around 500-1K) and just made the speakers sound edgy and forward. The bass was pretty weak too.

Although I'm sure there is better, the Kimber's evened up the frequency response...... got rid of that forward midrange, and put the bottom back in. They sound a lot less mechanical to me....... more sweet and musical.

Jack, I just spent considerable time trying cables for my Special 25's and it is on the Cable threads, something about nordost and shunyata. I did try the Nordost Heimdall and they were very nice, just a tad forward. I do not think that this was a fault of the cable but a characteristic of the speaker. Not a bad thing but with the Red Dawn the speakers were a bit bright. I ended with the Shunyata Gemini, not to be confused with the older lyra, a very different speaker cable. I also have spent time with the Blue heavens and I think it is a bit warmer than the Red Dawn.
I have been using Harmonic Technology Pro 9's for the last year with my Special 25's... HEAVEN...I now have AudioQuest 30 foooters and they are just fine, but not Harmonic Tech. I had to change because of configuration changes that needed to be made in my room.
Thanks guys. I've had the Blue Heaven IC in my system since yesterday and I played about 15 different CD's through them so far. I too am noticing a forward and pronounced midrange. They seem to bring allot of air around the instruments, but the sounstage seems to be a bit flat and sound is not as full and warm as what I'm accustomed to.

I can see why allot of people like this cable, all depends on personal taste. For those into the analytical and detailed sound, they will probably find these quite nice.

Personally I'm not finding them as musical to my ears as the Outlaw IC's I had originally. I'm gonig to give them a go for a week or two, but right now I think I'll probably shift back to the Outlaws.