Speaker cables for Dynaudio Contour 3.4?

Hi there, first post!
I am getting some Dyn contour 3.4's and was wanting opinions on the best speaker cables for them. I am using a Plinius 8200mk2 and the rest of my cables are Nordost Blue Heaven...any opinions would be appreciated.
I've compared two of them side by side. AZ Satori and AP Oval 9. AZ stayed. I have Dyns 3.4 and Plinius 9200.
I'm using Synergistic Research Resolution Reference FX speaker cables as recommended by Ted Denney III, their lead designer, on my Contour 5.4's. He assured me they would make an unbelievable difference, and it was no idle boast, my system now sounds like I always thought it should, instead of how I wished it would. I borrowed cables from The Cable Company's lending library, and bought new immediately. They even let me keep the loaners 'til new ones came in. Highly recommended. Best, Dan

Simaudio uses Dynaudio's to demonstrate their equipment here in Canada at the Montreal audio show. They use Cardas golden cross throughout the system, ic's and speaker wire.

I have heard it with special 25's, confidence 2's and 4's