Speaker cables for Dynaudio C1

I'm looking for speaker cables for Dynaudio C1. C1 is driven by Plinius 9200.
I'm using Nordost Freys with my C1's. Very fast and detailed but what sold me on them was the additional 'air' between the instruments and vocals. They also seemed the most balanced in tonality from top to bottom.

Best to demo any cable consideration in your home.
I had the C1 for awhile and agree with the Nordost Frey, the Heimdal is also very good and perhaps a better buy. I would avoid older model nordost however, especially the RedDawn as they can be very bright with the C1
OCOS speaker cable should be a good match as a value priced cable.
A bit of a coincidence here. I have been considering speaker cables for my C1s for a while. I just got three cables from The Cable Company and started listening. The three cables:

Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerator
Nordost Heimdal
StereoLab/Stereovox Diablo LS

At this point I have listened for a couple of days to the SR's and I am listening to the Nordost now. I have not tried the Diablo's yet.
I have a Simaudio I-7 integrated and SuperNova cd. I am using a Nordost Heimdal xlr interconnect. The SRs are smoother and a bit fuller in the midrange. The Heimdals are seductively detailed, yet not as full bodied (for lack of a better way of putting it).
I have had a Plinius 8200 MKii in the past with Dynaudio Contour S1.4, so I am aware of the differing characteristics between the Plinius and Simaudio. It is interesting that as I was listening to the Heimdals this morning I thought they would make a good combination with the Plinius, but at this point the jury is still out on the Sim- Heimdal match.
Your amp/ speaker combo are of sufficient quality to merit working with The Cable Company to try cables out in your system.
IMO..Nordost is totally the wrong direction(been there done that)..Way too sterlie with the C1s.They are already very detailed and with Nordost/a good thing gone bad.I suggest Cardas gold series or above for starters...I run MIT with my Confidence with great results.Fine detail but without that sterile sound.A very great combination.Just my 2cents
The cable auditioning is over. The cables are going back to The Cable Company tomorrow. The Nordost Heindals were too lean (I suppose this is what Toetapfactor means when he referred to them as "too sterile"). I liked the detail and their control of the bass, and wanted to like them overall, but they did not have much body in the midbass and midrange.
The Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerator had a good control in the bass (not quite as good as the Heimdals, but not too far off). The high end was a bit smoother, more realistic sounding. The midbass and midrange was fuller and more engaging.
The Stereolab/ Stereovox Diablo LS was similar to the Accelerator, a bit cloudy and veiled, but a not too distant second.
Valinar, very interesting comparison. The Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerator might be a good choice for me. I wonder how does it compare to Acoustic Zen Absolute, has someone compared those two? I'm familiar with AZ Absolute cables.
Try de JPS Superconductor 3. You ca read some C1 reviews that use the JPS.
Wow I don't find the diablo's cloudy at all! In my system they are remarkably clear and clean. So far they are the best sub 1K SC I have had in my system.
I did a direct shootout between the Jps S3 and the Nordost Frey. The Jps were very good but I did hear 1 flaw. The deepest of bass notes were muddied. Just to be sure I brought the cables to my local dyn dealer and heard the same in a different system. There I also compared directly to the Vahalla and the Jps's were about equal in the mids a little laid back in the highs but the deepest of bass notes were still very muddy. I will also admit the deepest of bass notes are very few and far between.

At first the Nordost seems to be very laid back but the more I listened to them the more air between the instruments and vocals I could hear.
I have been writing about Crimson RM musiclink interconnects on couple of other threads. These are fabulous cables, no-nonsense. All this discussion about lean vs fat, muddy vs clean, sterile vs engaging got over for me after I owned the Crimsons. Their speaker cable and IC both use the same cables, couple of my friends have tried them they are all bowled over. They also come with a 30 day trial period. Having owned 3 different Dynaudios and 2 different Plinius Amps, I would highly recommend trying out these speaker cables. It can potentially end your search for cables.