Speaker cables for Dynaudio C-1's

I'm currently using Acoustic Zen Satori. My budget is 1200.00 new or used.
Whats wrong with the AZ Satori's?
Harmonic Technology Pro 9 Ref. SE

Killer cable for the $$$.
When I had a pair of c1's I used the Satori's for a while. Though they are good cables I felt they were a bit sluggish and veiled. As far as what $1200 will buy that will depend on length.
I am using "monitor audio pure flow" similar cable used inside ,it is cheap ,but it works fine for me
I've used all AZ cables , from Satori to Absolute..(currently Absolute with C1)
You can buy used Absolute for 1200$. Excellent cable , much better then Satori , no surprise here.
I've tried other cables also but Absolute still in stays in my system....
Everyone has an opinion, only one that matters is yours. You really need to try different cables in your system.. http://www.cableco.com
jkuc, i have az absolute with my dynaudio c1, are excellent