Speaker Cables for Devore Fidelity Ref Silverbacks

I originally posted this thread under Speakers, then realized I probably should have posted it under Cables. Hopefull there will be more response from within this category! (Assuming the moderator allows the thread to be posted again!)

I am an ecstatic new owner of the DeVore Fidelity Reference Silverbacks in my primary 2-channel system. Associated gear: Ayre DPS TT with the standard modified Rega tonearm and an EMT JSD5 MC cartridge, ARC PH7, ARC CD7, ARC REF 3, and Luxman MQ-88 (colder months) and Nagra PSA (warmer months). Balanced interconnects are Auditorium 23; SE interconnects are either Aud 23 or Nirvana. Using Shunyata power cords and a Shunyata Hydra V-Ray. Isolation and dampening via Harmonic Resolution Systems and Finite Elemente.

The last musical hurdle to clear, and I admit it is a lot more important than I believed up until a few years ago, is the speaker cable choice. For those of you who own Silverbacks or another DF speaker, or for those of you who have listened critically to the Silverbacks or another DV speaker, I would appreciate suggestions for speaker cable for my system. I am considering Basis, Chord Signature, and Auditorium 23, and am open to suggestions. For any of you who use one of the above three speaker cables with non-DF speakers and want to share your thoughts, that would also be helpful.

The room is 14' wide by 25' long with 8' ceilings. The speakers are positioned on the shorter wall about 8.5' apart and about 2.5' from the rear wall.

I listen mostly to classical, jazz, blues, and vocals.

As always, thanks in advance for all comments/suggestions!
I've heard the Silverbacks a few times, most recent was a month ago at a dealer. They were connected with Nordost cables (not sure which model) and it sounded very nice. I tried Nordost cables in an older system and didn't care for them. I use Nirvana SX cables. I've been considering the Silverbacks for myself.
I had cable Chord Signature year and six months in system Naim-ProAc, the cable does a sound live, very detailed, beautiful and tasty, equal on all frequencies. I recommend.