Speaker cables for CJ/Thiel

I have a CJ Prem 11A with CJ Prem 16LS pre and Thiel 2.3's.Looking for input on a good speaker cable in the 1000.00 range.Would like to use Transparent or Purist but may be above my budget for now.Also read good reviews on MIT 750 Shotguns.Any thoughts? Thanks
The Thiels will reveal any brightness in your components. Transparent cables will tone this down somewhat. I have a triple parallel run of Ocos cables (incredible soundstaging and depth) to a pair of CS 2.2's, and this sounded better than Transparent Musicwave Plus. The high end and subtle airiness was slightly muted with these, so I would look at at least Musicwave Super, depending on your budget.
I use Alpha-Cores as well. I don't have Theil speakers so I can't comment on that, but I do have CJ amps and love the Alpha-Cores on them. Priced well within your budget as well.
Using Divinity (Alpha Core) with my Thiel 3.6s. These wires or more appropriately ribbons improved the speakers significantly and cut the high end stridency often mentioned for the Thiel line.
I use straightwire for my cj/Thiels. Thiel uses sraightwire in their products. I much prefer the straightwire to the monster cables they replaced. Some say MIT, OCOS and Cogan Hall work well with Thiels. Some say Kimber works well with cj. I did not care for MAS in my system and could not get Cogan Hall to work for me. . I would be curious to hear WireWorld, Aural Symphonics, Dunlavy and Audioquest Good luck.
Dako-- first a question, which prem. 11a are you using--standard or triode? second, i'm currently using cj's mv55/pv10al combo into jm labs mezzo utopias, wired through transparent's reference speaker cables. i'm exteremly happy with the transparents. i picked them up used for $1,200. i know that is more than you've indicated you want to spend (more than i wanted to spend too), however, valuewise it was well worth the extra $200. that said, i've a friend that runs his theil 2.3's from audio research's 100 watt offering through transparent musicwave ultras (one or two clicks below reference) and he swears by them. third, another question, what interconnects are you using? i'm close to swapping my mv55/pv10al for the prem. 11a and will need new interconnects. in response to one of my postings, someone indicated that networked interconnects may not be the best match for tube gear. i've inquired of both transparent and cj. drop me a note with you e-mail address and i'll forward their responses.