speaker cables for carver amazing III - help

1st system (mostly used).
need speaker cable advice for carver amazing III
driven by a carver c-1000.
looking for the most bang for the $ ( on tight budget)
Used cables -no problem.
Thanks in advance (this stereo thing is worse then heroin)


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My advice is to try various things to get an idea what the system sounds like and where you need to go. This may sound ludicrous to some out there, but I would start with some heavy cheap zip cord or budget cable, and then compare to a more "proper" cable. This will give you some foundation about what the system sounds like with different cables, and will "educate" you ear to hear the differences, before you go broke trying every different cable out there. There are some basics that will almost always apply, and one of them is: with a 1000 watt amp you will need a heavier guage cable. Try to keep the length to a minimum. Keep capacitance low. Make good connections. Carver amps tend to be a bit "grainy" so I would not go crazy trying to get an extremely "detailed" sounding cable. If anything,go for one that is a little "smoother" on the top end. I prefer solid core wire for all applications, but for your power level, it will have to be braided to reduce "skin effect" and still carry the necessary current, unless you choose the Goertz-type flat conductor wires(which are very good).